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5a. what exactly has been saved by the above command: just the BOF s three main items or all other configuration details The admin save command saves all the other configuration settings (in fact, every setting where the command starts with the word configure). You will find that other settings (e.g., ones where the command starts with debug or anything other than configure) do not get saved at all. 5b. The admin save command didn t include a filename. what filename did the router use, and how did it choose it The router saves configuration details only to the file identified by the primary-config parameter in the BOF. It always uses that parameter to get the filename. If you want to change configuration filenames, you must either change the primary-config parameter or use one of the file copy commands. 5c. what character has disappeared from the beginning of the prompt, as soon as the configuration was saved what is the meaning of this character The leading asterisk (*) in the prompt disappeared. It is a flag that is visible whenever there are any unsaved configuration changes, either for the BOF or the primary-config. 6a. Do you have at least the files bof.cfg and your main config file If you don t have these two files, check and carefully repeat the steps in this section until you succeed. 6b. Is the time stamp on the config files a few minutes earlier than the current time If everything is working properly, the time stamp shouldn t be more than a minute or two old.
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Lab Section 3.1 Exercises
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1a. In total, how many cards are physically present in the chassis How many SF/ CPMs How many IOMs The example output given in the exercise shows exactly two cards present. They can be easily identified since they have a (non-blank) name in the Equipped Card-type column. Any card appearing Slot A or B is an SF/CPM card; the example shows only one in Slot A. The example shows one IOM card, of type iom2-20g.
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1b. Referring to 2, what kind of labeling is used for the two (2) card slots [...] dedicated for redundant SF/CPMs The slots reserved for SF/CPM cards are always identified by a letter, either A or B. 1c. Referring to 2, how many different kinds of SF/CPM cards exist There are currently two switch fabric options: 200 gbps and 400 gbps (fullduplex) throughput. The terabit version of the Alcatel-Lucent 7750 Service Router uses a 500 gbps switch fabric, which is a third type. As speeds continue to evolve, expect additional versions of the SF/CPM card. 1d. Referring to 2, what kind of labeling is used for IOM card(s) IOM cards are referred to by the slot that they occupy in the chassis. generally, there are either five or 10 slots for IOMs, so cards will have numeric labels from 1 to 10. 1e. Is there any relationship between the first character of the prompt and any of the cards The first character in the prompt identifies which SF/CPM card is active, either Slot A or Slot B. In these exercises, we use Slot B for one PE router and Slot A for the second PE router. This is intended to make it easier to distinguish which router is used in any given example. 2a. Did the configuration command change the number of physical cards or the number of available cards Configuring an IOM card only changes the Operational State, making a card un-/available. It does not change the number of physical cards, as seen by the absence of any changes in the Equippped Card-type column. 2b. why did the asterisk (*) reappear in the command prompt what will make it disappear again The asterisk reappeared to indicate an unsaved configuration change. Issuing the admin save command would make it disappear (until the next configuration change).
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