C H A P T E R 10 : B gP ROU T I Ng in .NET

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C H A P T E R 10 : B gP ROU T I Ng
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1. Remove OSPF from PE2 only. Remove just the interface to PE2 from PE1 s OSPF configuration.
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*A:PE2# configure router *A:PE2>config>router# ospf shutdown *A:PE2>config>router# no ospf *A:PE2>config>router# *B:PE1# configure router *B:PE1>config>router# ospf area 0 no interface toPE2 *B:PE1>config>router# exit *B:PE1#
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2. Confirm whether OSPF has been successfully removed.
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*A:PE2>config>router# show router status ================================================== Router Status (Router: Base) ================================================== Admin State Oper State -------------------------------------------------Router Up Up OSPFv2 Not configured Not configured RIP Not configured Not configured ISIS Not configured Not configured [... Additional output omitted ...] BGP Not configured Not configured [... Additional output omitted ...] Max IPv4 Routes No Limit Max IPv6 Routes No Limit Total IPv4 Routes 3 Total IPv6 Routes 0 [... Additional output omitted ...] ECMP Max Routes 1 Triggered Policies No ================================================== *A:PE2>config>router#
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2a. Has OSPF been removed from PE2 what other routing protocols are running on PE2
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2b. There is another method of confirming that OSPF is no longer running between PE1 and PE2. what is it 2c. The output shows three IPv4 routes on PE2. where do they come from Explain the results. (Hint: Look at the routing table for details.) 3. Assign the AS number to each router as shown in Figure 10.9.
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*B:PE1>config>router# autonomous-system 65001 *B:PE1>config>router# *A:CE1>config>router# autonomous-system 65001 *A:CE1>config>router# *A:PE2>config>router# autonomous-system 65002 *A:PE2>config>router#
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4. The PE routers are external BgP (eBgP) peers since they have different AS numbers. eBgP peers typically use the IP address of the connecting network interface as the neighbor address. On each PE router, configure the far end router within a group called eBGP. The far end router should be listed with its IP address and AS number.
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*B:PE1>config>router# bgp *B:PE1>config>router>bgp$ group eBGP *B:PE1>config>router>bgp>group$ neighbor *B:PE1>config>router>bgp>group>neighbor$ peer-as 65002 *B:PE1>config>router>bgp>group>neighbor$ exit *B:PE1>config>router>bgp>group# exit *B:PE1>config>router>bgp#
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5. Once both PE routers are configured, verify that they have successfully established a peer relationship.
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*B:PE1>config>router>bgp# show router bgp summary =========================================================== BGP Router ID : AS : 65001 Local AS : 65001 =========================================================== BGP Admin State : Up BGP Oper State : Up Total Peer Groups : 1 Total Peers : 1 [... Additional output omitted ...]
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C H A P T E R 10 : B gP ROU T I Ng
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=========================================================== BGP Summary =========================================================== Neighbor AS PktRcvd InQ Up/Down State|Rcv/Act/Sent PktSent OutQ (Addr Family) ---------------------------------------------------------- 65002 7 0 00h02m46s 0/0/0 (IPv4) 7 0 =========================================================== *B:PE1>config>router>bgp#
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5a. Have the two PE routers exchanged any route information How can you verify this 5b. In the output above, what does the output column Rcv/Act/Sent mean 6. Check directly with BgP to see the details of routes advertised to the PE neighbor.
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*B:PE1# show router bgp neighbor advertised-routes =========================================================== BGP Router ID : AS : 65001 Local AS : 65001 =========================================================== Legend Status codes : u - used, s - suppressed, h - history, d - decayed, * - valid Origin codes : i - IGP, e - EGP, - incomplete, > - best =========================================================== BGP IPv4 Routes =========================================================== Flag Network LocalPref MED Nexthop VPN Label As-Path =========================================================== No Matching Entries Found =========================================================== *B:PE1#
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7. BgP, like other distance vector protocols, requires an export policy to advertise routes to other BgP peers. Apply an export policy on both PE routers. For convenience, reuse the export policy (e.g., DistributeLB) created in Lab Section 9.1 in 9. It actually exports all local (i.e., direct) interfaces.
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*B:PE1>config>router>bgp# export DistributeLB *B:PE1>config>router>bgp#
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7a. Have the two PE routers exchanged any route information what three commands can be used to verify this (You may need to wait a few moments before seeing the final results.) 7b. what is the preference value for BgP routes How does that compare with OSPF which one is better, that is, has higher precedence 7c. At this point in time, how many routes are in the routing table Explain your answer. 8. Confirm that each PE router can ping every interface on the other PE router. If not, check that you have used the correct addresses and AS numbers in the configurations and have applied the policy correctly on both routers.