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2a. One label is to reach the far router. Is that the Push or the Pop label 2b. One label is offered to the far router to send data back to the local router. Is that the Push or the Pop label 3. SDP Verification Confirm that the SDPs are both admin and operationally Up. 4. Customer-Facing SAP Verification Confirm that the customer-facing ports are in access mode. Confirm that the port itself is admin and operationally Up.
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*B:PE1# show port 1/1/1 ======================================================== Ethernet Interface ======================================================== Description : 10/100/Gig Ethernet SFP Interface : 1/1/1 Oper Speed : 1 Gbps Link-level : Ethernet Config Speed : 1 Gbps Admin State : up Oper Duplex : full Oper State : up Config Duplex : full Physical Link : Yes MTU : 1514 [... 4 lines of output omitted ...] Configured Mode : access Encap Type Dot1Q Ethertype : 0x8100 QinQ Ethertype PBB Ethertype : 0x88e7 [... Additional output omitted ...] *B:PE1# : null : 0x8100
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Lab Section 11.2: VPLS Example
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A VPLS is a Layer 2 service that connects multiple sites in a single LAN. It s like creating a virtual switch from a network of Service Routers. In this lab, we will configure the actual VPLS across the PE nodes as shown in Figure 11.16. The PE devices will connect to each other in a full mesh topology using mesh-type SDPs. The CE devices will be configured to use the same subnet (i.e., addresses from a single LAN). The operation of the VPLS will be demonstrated using ping, traceroute, and (optionally) OSPF.
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Note that after the service reference topology has been configured, adding additional services from edge-to-edge does not require any further modification of the supporting infrastructure.
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Figure 11.16: Customer equipment connects to the Provider Edge via a SAP. To the customer, the SAP in a VPLS behaves identically to a port on an Ethernet switch.
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CE1 Device4 Ethernet Switch (virtual) SAP PE1 PE2 (more routers) SAP
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Objective In this exercise, you will configure a VPLS service between PE routers. You will also demonstrate the ability of customer equipment to communicate across this VPLS as if it were a simple Ethernet switch. Validation You will know you have succeeded if the CE devices can ping each other and if traceroute shows the CE devices as being only a single (virtual!) hop away from each other.
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Part 1: Provider Edge VPLS Configuration
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1. Create a VPLS service. Every service is identified with a numeric name. The actual value isn t as important as the fact that it should be unique within the ISP s domain. Repeat the configuration on both PE1 and PE2, using an identical service number on both routers. Like SDPs, the default state for a service is disabled. Don t forget the no shutdown command!
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*B:PE1# configure service *B:PE1>config>service# vpls 22 customer 1 create *B:PE1>config>service>vpls$ no shutdown *B:PE1>config>service>vpls$
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1a. What happens if you forget to use the keyword create when first creating a VPLS 2. SDPs are used to distribute services across multiple Service Routers. In terms of a VPLS, an SDP is needed to every other router that has an SAP participating in the VPLS. Add the required SDPs to the VPLS configuration on each PE router,
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specifying that they operate in mesh mode. Be careful with your typing: PE1 s SDP to PE2 was identified as 12 when created; PE2 s SDP to PE1 was identified as 21.
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*B:PE1>config>service>vpls$ mesh-sdp 12 create *B:PE1>config>service>vpls>mesh-sdp$ exit *B:PE1>config>service>vpls# *A:PE2>config>service>vpls$ mesh-sdp 21 create *A:PE2>config>service>vpls>mesh-sdp$ exit *A:PE2>config>service>vpls#
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2a. What happens if you forget to use the keyword create when first creating a mesh SDP 3. Add the SAPs to attach CE devices to the VPLS.
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*B:PE1>config>service>vpls# sap 1/1/1 create *B:PE1>config>service>vpls>sap$ exit *B:PE1>config>service>vpls# *A:PE2>config>service>vpls# sap 1/1/1 create *A:PE2>config>service>vpls>sap$ exit *A:PE2>config>service>vpls#
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3a. What happens if you forget to use the keyword create when first creating a SAP 4. Confirm that the VPLS is both admin and operationally Up on each router. Check the status summary of the service, as well as the detailed status for all the service components: SAPs and SDPs.
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*B:PE1# show service service-using ========================================================== Services ========================================================== ServiceId Type Adm Opr CustomerId Last Mgmt Change ---------------------------------------------------------22 VPLS Up Up 1 01/01/2000 16:53:17 ---------------------------------------------------------Matching Services : 1 ---------------------------------------------------------==========================================================