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attempt, don t forget to use the attribute mpls! Like LDP, the default state for an SDP is disabled. Don t forget the no shutdown command.
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*B:PE1# configure service *B:PE1>config>service# sdp 12 mpls MINOR: CLI create is mandatory while creating SDP. *B:PE1>config>service# sdp 12 mpls create *B:PE1>config>service>sdp$ far-end *B:PE1>config>service>sdp$ ldp *B:PE1>config>service>sdp$ no shutdown *B:PE1>config>service>sdp$
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4. After both SDPs have been configured, verify that they are both admin and operationally Up. (In some circumstances, you may need to wait a few moments before the SDPs will be Up.) If not, confirm that you have entered all the parameters correctly.
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*B:PE1>config>service# show service sdp ============================================================= Services: Service Destination Points ============================================================= SdpId Adm MTU Opr MTU IP address Adm Opr Deliver Signal ------------------------------------------------------------12 0 9190 Up Up LDP TLDP ------------------------------------------------------------Number of SDPs : 1 ------------------------------------------------------------============================================================= *B:PE1>config>service#
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5. Removing an SDP is the familiar two-step process: Shut down the SDP and delete it with no sdp. Remove one of the SDPs for practice.
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*B:PE1>config>service# sdp 12 shutdown *B:PE1>config>service# no sdp 12 *B:PE1>config>service#
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6. On each PE router, verify the state of any SDPs (see Step 4). 6a. Is it possible to get a single SDP in the Up state 7. Re-create the missing SDP and again verify that they are both admin and operationally Up.
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Part 3: Customer-Facing Configuration
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This section provides all the steps for configuring the customer-facing Service Access Points (SAPs) on the PE routers. It may not be obvious at first glance why there are so many steps. There is a chain of logic that goes something like this: A. Customer equipment connects to a VPLS via a SAP. B. SAPs can only be created on Ethernet ports that are set to access mode. C. A port with an existing interface cannot be changed to access mode. D. So we first need to remove any interfaces on network ports. If that doesn t make complete sense, don t worry because the steps below guide the way. Don t be afraid to experiment to see what kind of error messages you get if you miss a step or do it incorrectly. 1. Remove the existing network interface on PE1 that faces CE1. Use the familiar two-step process: Shut down first, then delete.
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*B:PE1# configure router *B:PE1>config>router# interface toCE1 shutdown *B:PE1>config>router# no interface toCE1 *B:PE1>config>router# exit *B:PE1#
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1a. What error message do you get if you try to remove an interface that is not shut down 2. Configure the port facing customer equipment as an access port.
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*B:PE1# configure port 1/1/1 *B:PE1>config>port# shutdown *B:PE1>config>port# ethernet mode access *B:PE1>config>port# no shutdown *B:PE1>config>port# exit *B:PE1#
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2a. There are only two states for a port: One is access mode. What is the name of the other mode (Use the CLI Help!) 2b. What error message do you get if a port is not shut down when you try to change modes 3. On PE2, configure the corresponding customer-facing port as an access port. This exercise assumes that Device 4 is connected to port 1/1/1. If you are using
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a different port, you will need to adapt the commands given below. (Also, if you have configured a network interface on that port, you will need to remove it first.)
*A:PE2# configure port 1/1/1 *A:PE2>config>port# shutdown *A:PE2>config>port# ethernet mode access *A:PE2>config>port# no shutdown *A:PE2>config>port# exit *A:PE2#
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Part 4: Verification
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A general first step for troubleshooting services is to check that nothing has been (accidentally) left in a (shut)down state. The next step is to check that nothing was skipped or missed while building the configuration. 1. IGP Verification Confirm that OSPF is running throughout the provider network (i.e., just PE1 and PE2 in this case). Confirm that routes for every interface appear in the routing table. Confirm that all interfaces within the provider network respond to a ping. (Remember that customer-facing ports are now operating as SAPs, not network interfaces.) 2. LDP Verification Confirm that LDP has successfully exchanged all labels that will be necessary for PE1 and PE2 to send data back and forth. Each router needs a pair of labels one to reach the far router and one offered to the far router to send data back to the local router.
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*B:PE1# show router ldp bindings active ======================================================== Legend: (S) - Static ======================================================== LDP Prefix Bindings (Active) ======================================================== Prefix Op IngLbl EgrLbl EgrIntf EgrNextHop ------------------------------------------------------- Pop 131071 --- Push -131071 1/1/2 -------------------------------------------------------No. of Prefix Bindings: 2 ======================================================== *B:PE1#