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Part 1: IGP Configuration
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1. (Optional) Completely remove the BGP configuration on all routers. (Refer to Lab Section 10.1 in 10.)
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*B:PE1# configure router *B:PE1>config>router# bgp shutdown *B:PE1>config>router# no bgp *B:PE1>config>router# exit *B:PE1#
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1a. What command(s) can you use to verify that BGP has been successfully removed (Refer to Lab Section 10.1 in 10.) 2. Restore the full OSPF configuration that you saved at the end of 9. Do this on all routers. (If you don t have saved config files, you will need to complete all the configuration steps from 9 on all routers.)
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*B:PE1# exec cf3:\OSPF-Full.cfg System Configuration System Security Configuration Log Configuration System Security Cpm Hw Filters Configuration QoS Policy Configuration Card Configuration Port Configuration [... Additional output omitted ...] Router (Network Side) Configuration OSPFv2 Configuration [... Additional output omitted ...] Executed 225 lines in 0.0 seconds from file cf3:\OSPF-Full.cfg *B:PE1#
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3. Unlike in Lab Section 9.1 in 9, CE1 is now exclusively part of the customer network and is no longer considered as part of the ISP core. Since the role of CE1 has changed for this lab, it no longer participates in the ISP s core routing. On PE1, remove the toCE1 interface from OSPF. (Don t change the OSPF configuration on CE1; it will be modified in a later step.) Verify that OSPF is no longer running between PE1 and CE1.
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*B:PE1# configure router ospf *B:PE1>config>router>ospf# area 0
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*B:PE1>config>router>ospf>area# no interface toCE1 *B:PE1>config>router>ospf>area# exit all *B:PE1# show router ospf neighbor ======================================================== OSPF Neighbors ======================================================== Interface-Name Rtr Id State Pri RetxQ TTL -------------------------------------------------------toPE2 Full 1 0 35 -------------------------------------------------------No. of Neighbors: 1 ======================================================== *B:PE1#
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3a. What tells you that OSPF is no longer running between PE1 and CE1
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Part 2: LDP and SDP Configuration
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Running an IP/MPLS-based service requires a protocol for exchanging labels between the ISP s routers; we ll use the Label Distribution Protocol (LDP) for ease of deployment. The LDP labels provide the required support to run Service Distribution Point (SDPs). A VPLS service requires a full mesh of SDPs. The term full mesh means every PE router has an SDP to every other PE router participating in the service. In this exercise, since we only have two PE routers, we only need a pair of SDPs in order for PE1 and PE2 to be fully meshed. 1. LDP must be enabled on all router interfaces within the Provider Core. Unlike OSPF or BGP, the default state for LDP is disabled. You must remember to do no shutdown to enable LDP. Configure LDP on both PE routers.
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*B:PE1# configure router ldp *B:PE1>config>router>ldp$ interface-parameters *B:PE1>config>router>ldp>if-params$ interface toPE2 *B:PE1>config>router>ldp>if-params>if$ exit *B:PE1>config>router>ldp>if-params# exit *B:PE1>config>router>ldp# no shutdown *B:PE1>config>router>ldp#
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2. Once both routers have LDP configured, verify that LDP is correctly configured on both PE routers and that they have established an LDP session.
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*B:PE1>config>router>ldp# show router ldp interface ============================================================ LDP Interfaces ============================================================ Interface Adm Opr Hello Hold KA KA Transport Factor Time Factor Timeout Address -----------------------------------------------------------toPE2 Up Up 3 15 3 30 System -----------------------------------------------------------No. of Interfaces: 1 ============================================================ *B:PE1>config>router>ldp# *B:PE1>config>router>ldp# show router ldp session ==================================================================== LDP Sessions ==================================================================== Peer LDP Id Adj Type State Msg Sent Msg Recv Up Time ------------------------------------------------------------------- Link Established 60 61 0d 00:02:36 -------------------------------------------------------------------No. of Sessions: 1 ==================================================================== *B:PE1>config>router>ldp# exit *B:PE1#
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Every SDP is identified by a numeric label. It s a best practice to design or pick a convention for the numbering scheme, and stick to it! We ll use the convention of two digits: the first digit for the near end router and the second digit for the far end router. As an example, an SDP from PE1 to PE2 will be labeled 12. 3. On PE1, configure an SDP to PE2; on PE2, configure an SDP to PE1. For the first attempt, do not use the parameter create when defining the SDP. For the second
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