Using AutoLISP routines in .NET

Access UPC Symbol in .NET Using AutoLISP routines
Using AutoLISP routines
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AutoLISP routines are easy to install. Follow these steps: 1. Copy the .lsp file to AutoCAD's \Support folder or to a folder that you have placed in AutoCAD's Support File Search Path.
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To add a folder to AutoCAD's Support File Search Path, choose Tools Options and click the plus sign (+) next to Support File Search Path on the Files tab. Choose Add. Type in a folder path or choose Browse to locate one.
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2. In AutoCAD, type (load "file name") where file name is the name of the .lsp file. You don't need the .lsp, but don't forget the parentheses or the quotation marks. AutoCAD responds with the name of the last function defined in the routine. 3. Type the name of the function to use the AutoLISP routine. You can also choose Tools Load Application to load an AutoLISP or ARX program. Most of the AutoLISP routines were written before AutoCAD 2002 came out. Sometimes the installation instructions are out of date and don't include the capability of adding the folder to the Support File Search Path.
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Appendix C What s on the CD-ROM
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If no text file explains how to use the program, brief instructions may be displayed on the command line. If not, type the name of the file, such as atc, and press Enter.
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Using VBA programs
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To load a VBA program, copy it to a folder in AutoCAD's Support File Search Path. Choose Tools Macro Load Project. Locate the VBA program (a .dvb file), select it, and click Open. AutoCAD displays a message telling you that the VBA program contains macros and enabling you to disable them. Of course, the VBA program doesn't work if you disable the macros. If you wish, you can check the file with a virus-checker first. To enable the macros, choose Enable Macros. AutoCAD loads the VBA program. To use a VBA program, choose Tools Macro Macros. Select the VBA program and click Run. For more information on VBA programs, see 37.
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Using a setup or install file
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If you see a setup or install file (such as setup.exe), use it to install the software. You might need to remove the read-only attribute first, as explained at the beginning of this appendix. Copy all the files to a folder in AutoCAD's Support File Search Path. In Windows Explorer, double-click the setup or install file and the process should start automatically.
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A List of Software
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Table C-1 lists all the software on the AutoCAD 2002 Bible CD-ROM.
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Table C-1 The CD-ROM Software
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Name 123 3dspiral 3dtrees Acadart1 Acadsym Adobe Acrobat Reader Description Creates a numbered list Constructs 2D and 3D spirals Trees in plan view Electronic symbols Electronic symbols View electronic content 13 21 18 18 18 Type Freeware Freeware/Shareware Freeware Freeware Freeware Freeware
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Table C-1 (continued)
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Name Ar1 Archfont AutoCAD 2002 Trial Br Brp Callout Case Cnl Delayer Epdxf001 Flatten Flatten1 Furn2 Furn-symbol Idt It Keypad Libeltr Ll Mend Mmt Mpe-arch Description Creates a label of the area of an enclosed polyline Architectural "hand-lettered" font 15-Day Trial of AutoCAD 2002 Draws a break symbol Breaks an object at an OSNAP point Creates callouts (leaders with numbered text) Changes case of text Changes all objects on one layer to another layer that you specify Deletes all objects on specified layer Dxf library of electronic parts Converts 3D plines to 2D; flattens everything except blocks Puts all 2D items at z=0 Furniture Furniture Lets you specify spacing between lines of dtext Lets you specify spacing between lines of text Creates a keypad toolbar Electrical components Locks all layers except the one you pick; also unlocks all layers Combines two lines into one Merges two mtext objects Mechanical and electrical components for architectural drawings 10 10 14 13 11 11 18 22 21 18 18 13 13 33 18 11 6 13 18 16 13 Type Freeware Freeware Commercial Trial Freeware Freeware Freeware Freeware Freeware Freeware Freeware Shareware Freeware Freeware Freeware Freeware Freeware Freeware Freeware Freeware Freeware Freeware Freeware
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