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In This Appendix
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Learning AutoCAD Getting technical support AutoCAD user groups
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Discovering AutoCAD
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AutoCAD is not a program that you can pick up easily as you use it. You ll need some formal education, whether by using this book, taking a course, or a combination of methods.
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Internet resources
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Learning from your AutoCAD dealer
You are supposed to learn AutoCAD from your AutoCAD dealer. Most dealers include some training when you purchase AutoCAD. However, the amount of training and followup support varies greatly and so does the price. If you have more than one AutoCAD dealer nearby, check not only the cost of AutoCAD but the cost of training as well. Dealers also offer upgrade seminars and courses for those upgrading. For AutoCAD 2002 they may offer one seminar for those upgrading from Release 14 and another for those upgrading from Release2000 and 2000i. If you are going to use third-party applications that work with AutoCAD or other Autodesk products, check how much experience the dealer has with these products and what kind of support the dealer offers. Autodesk has an Autodesk Training Center program, which certifies trainers. Your dealer may or may not be an Autodesk Training Center. It s good to ask. Premier Training Centers offer additional training in certain disciplines, thus offering more specialized solutions to their customers. Website upc-a supplement 2 makerfor .net
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Taking a course
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You may be able to take a course in AutoCAD at a local university or Autodesk Training Center. Many universities and community colleges offer courses in AutoCAD. Such courses may fit your schedule because they are often offered in the evening, over a period of several weeks. Of course, that may not work if you need to get up and running very quickly. Autodesk holds a once-a-year conference, called Autodesk University, that offers training courses taught by top AutoCAD gurus. For more information, go to Autodesk s Web site at; under About Autodesk, choose Autodesk Events. Autodesk now offers e-courses short, self-paced courses that you take online, using the Autodesk Learning Assistance software and including exercises and a Try It feature that lets you try out the exercise in AutoCAD. For general information about e-courses, go to To purchase a course, go to
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Learning from other users
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If you work in an office with several AutoCAD users, you will find that they are usually happy to share information and tips with you. This won t generally get you started from scratch but it s great for rounding out your knowledge.
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Reading the magazines
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There are two major monthly magazines that are pretty much devoted to AutoCAD: CADENCE (800-289-0484) and CADALYST (888-527-7008). They offer many helpful articles (as well as advertisements, of course). In addition, both magazines have extensive Web sites more about that later. If you re interested in the CAD industry in general, try Ralph Grabowski s weekly upFront.eZine, which you can subscribe to by sending the e-mail message subscribe upfront to
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Getting Technical Support
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Autodesk has always referred customers to their dealer for technical support. As with training, you should check out the provisions of the technical support. Some dealers charge for each phone call while others provide free support to all the customers for as long as Autodesk supports the product.
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Appendix B AutoCAD Resources
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However, by popular demand, Autodesk has instituted the AutoCAD Safety Net program that offers direct phone access to technical support from Autodesk. You pay a flat fee of $65 per incident. Call 800-225-6531 in the United States and Canada. For more information, go to Autodesk Premier Support offers support contracts for companies in three versions, depending on the size of the company. You then receive direct access to Autodesk s technical support staff, quarterly conference calls, and CD-ROM-based support tools. Autodesk s Web site offers a large number of technical documents that answer many common questions. From Autodesk s home page (http://www.autodesk. com), choose Support, then Knowledge Base. Autodesk s Web site now offers discussion groups. From Autodesk s home page, choose Support, then Discussion Groups. You can ask questions and get answers from other users as well as from Autodesk personnel.
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