A Installing and Configuring AutoCAD in .NET

Use UPCA in .NET A Installing and Configuring AutoCAD
Appendix A Installing and Configuring AutoCAD
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In the Proxy images for custom objects drop-down list, you can control how custom objects created by an ObjectARX application are displayed. The Show Proxy Information dialog box checkbox determines if AutoCAD informs you when you open a drawing containing custom objects.
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The Plotting tab
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The Plotting tab, shown in Figure A-5, contains settings related to plotting and printing, including plot style table settings. Later in this appendix I explain how to configure a plotter.
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Figure A-5: The Plotting tab
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In the Default plot settings for new drawings section, you set the default plotter/printer for new drawings and whether or not to use the same settings used the last time you plotted. Once you create plot settings for a drawing, those settings are saved with the drawing. Click Add or Configure Plotters for access to the Add-aPlotter Wizard and existing plot configuration files. In the General plot options section, you can choose whether AutoCAD should try to keep the paper size specified on the layout tab or use the plotter s default paper size when you change plotters. You can also decide whether AutoCAD alerts you and creates an error log when the drawing is spooled through a system printer because of a port conflict.
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In the same section, you can set a value for the quality of plotted OLE objects. You can choose from Line Art, Text, Graphics, Photograph, and High Quality Photograph. The default is Text. Check Use OLE application when plotting OLE objects for the best quality when plotting OLE objects. Check Hide system printers to repress the display of Windows system printers on the list of printers in the Plot and Page Setup dialog boxes so you can t inadvertently print to your printer instead of to your plotter. The entire right side of the Plotting tab contains settings for plot styles. You can decide whether to use color-dependent or named plot styles for new drawings and choose a default plot style table. You can also set default plot styles for layer 0 and objects. Click the Add or Edit Plot Style Tables button to go to the Plot Styles folder where the plot style tables are stored. You can then double-click the Add-a-Plot Style Table Wizard to create a new table or open an existing table for editing. For more information on plotting, see 17.
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The System tab
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The System tab contains a number of settings that affect how your computer works with AutoCAD as well as some general settings. Figure A-6 shows the System tab. In the Current 3D Graphics Display section, you choose the display driver you want to use. The default is the HEIDI display driver that comes with AutoCAD. Click Properties to set the properties of the display driver.
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Figure A-6: The System tab
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Appendix A Installing and Configuring AutoCAD
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In the Current Pointing Device section you choose your pointing device. Here you would choose Wintab Compatible Digitizer ADI 4.2 if you have a digitizer. If you have a digitizing device, you can choose to accept input from only the digitizer or both the digitizer and the mouse.
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If you are installing a digitizer, follow the instructions provided by the digitizer manufacturer to configure Windows for the Wintab driver. The digitizer must be configured to work with Windows.
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In the Layout Regen Options section, you can choose how hard you want AutoCAD to work to avoid regenerations when you switch among the model tab and layout tabs. In the dbConnect Options section, you can choose whether to store the index of database links in the drawing file to enhance performance during Link Select functions. You can also choose to open database tables in read-only mode you won t be able to edit them. In the General Options section, you can do the following: Enable Single-drawing compatibility mode to disable the Multiple Document Interface so that AutoCAD can only open one drawing at a time. (Do this only if you are having problems with existing AutoLISP programs and other customization.) Turn off the display of the OLE properties dialog box when inserting OLE objects into AutoCAD drawings. Bring back dialog boxes that have a Don t Display This Warning Again checkbox (that you checked). Tell AutoCAD to beep (or to remain silent) when it detects an invalid entry. Determine whether AutoLISP loads acad.lsp into every drawing you open. By default, this box is not checked, meaning that only acaddoc.lsp is loaded into every drawing. Disable long names for layers, dimension styles, blocks, linetypes, text styles, layouts, UCS names, views, and viewport configurations, for compatibility with prior releases. Get rid of AutoCAD Today and even the Startup dialog box. In the Live Enabler Options section, you can decide when you want to check Point A for object enablers. Object enablers let the user display and use custom objects in AutoCAD drawings even when the application that created them is unavailable. For example, if you send a customer using Release 2000 a drawing with the new associative dimensions, that customer can use an object enabler to view those dimensions.
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