A Installing and Configuring AutoCAD in .NET

Produce UPC Code in .NET A Installing and Configuring AutoCAD
Appendix A Installing and Configuring AutoCAD
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2. The Welcome screen advises you to close all applications and warns you about illegally reproducing AutoCAD. Click Next. 3. On the next screen, read the software license agreement. (A drop-down list of countries may appear at the top.) Read the agreement and click I accept. Then click Next. 4. On the Serial Number screen, enter the serial number and CD key, which you can find on the CD-ROM case or jacket. Press Tab between the boxes. Click Next. 5. On the Personal Information screen, type your name, organization, dealer, and dealer telephone number. Click Next. 6. If the installation program detects an existing version of AutoCAD, you can install AutoCAD 2002 in a separate folder (keeping the existing version) or upgrade your existing version to 2002. (Again, note that you can only keep Release 14 on your computer with 2002; AutoCAD 2000 and 2000i do not work. So, if you have 2000 or 2000i, the installation program automatically upgrades it.) 7. You now choose the type of installation you want: Typical installs the most commonly used tools. Full installs everything. Compact is ideal for a laptop or when you have limited hard drive space. Custom enables you to individually choose the items you want to install. When you choose a custom installation, you can choose the features you want. I list them here, with the amount of hard drive space they use: Program files: Executables, menus, toolbars, help, templates, TrueType fonts, and additional support files; 86MB. Texture maps: For rendering; 13MB. CAD Standards Extension: New tools for maintaining drawing standards; 1.6MB. XML/DATA Extension: New tools for storing data about drawings and publishing them on the Web; 512K. Fonts: AutoCAD s fonts; 5.4MB. VBA support: Support for Visual Basic for Applications programming; 6MB. Volo View Express: For viewing AutoCAD drawings, on or off the Internet. Less than 1K. Batch plotting: Utility to plot multiple drawings at once; 448K. Database: For external database connectivity; 7MB. Tutorials: Tutorials for learning AutoCAD; 1MB. Dictionaries: For the spelling checker; 448K. Samples: Drawings, images, and scripts; 1.8MB.
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A typical installation includes the following: Main program files (executables, menus, toolbars, help files, fonts, and other support files) Internet tools (related support files and Volo View Express) External database feature Microsoft Visual Basic application support files Batch plotting utility Portable License Management for sharing single-user authorization on more than one computer Sample drawings, images, and AutoCAD DesignCenter files The appropriate dictionary for your region Help files You can go back later and add items if you decide you need an item that you didn t install initially. Choose the desired setup type and click Next. 8. If you chose a custom installation, uncheck all items on the Custom Components screen that you do not want to install. Click each item to see if it has subitems from which you can choose. Click Next. 9. Setup offers a default folder name. The default is AutoCAD 2002. Change it if you wish. On this screen, click Disk Costing to see a listing of your drives, their size, available space, the space required, and the difference, as shown in Figure A-1. Click OK to close the Disk Costing. Click Next.
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Figure A-1: Disk Costing enables you to judge the best place to install AutoCAD by calculating the available space on each hard drive (or hard drive partition) and the space AutoCAD requires.
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10. On the Start Installation screen, the Setup program asks you if you are ready to begin. You probably are, so click Next.
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Appendix A Installing and Configuring AutoCAD
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11. Setup starts copying files. This takes a few minutes. You can take a break or watch the status report that appears during the process. 12. If setup finds an existing version of Microsoft NetMeeting, you can choose to update it to Version 3.01. You need to update it to use AutoCAD 2002 s Meet Now feature. 13. Setup prompts you to install Volo View Express. You need Volo View Express to view DWF files and for the Publish to Web feature. Any existing version of Volo View Express is automatically upgraded. However, if you have Volo View, setup doesn t overwrite it. (Volo View has more features than Volo View Express and is not free.) 14. You are now done and have an opportunity to read the Readme file always a good idea. Click Finish. The Readme file opens if you asked for it. (If you want to read it later, in AutoCAD choose Help Help and click the Contents tab. Then choose Getting Information Use Help AutoCAD 2002 Readme.) 15. Setup tells you that you should restart your computer. Click Yes to do so or No to restart at a later time. However, you shouldn t try to open AutoCAD until you have restarted your computer. You re done!
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You can now choose Start Programs AutoCAD 2002 to see the AutoCAD submenu, if you chose the default location for the program files. The AutoCAD 2002 submenu includes some or all of the following items:
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AutoCAD 2002: Starts AutoCAD Batch Plot Utility: Enables you to plot a list of drawings CAD Standards Checker: Feature for maintaining drawing standards If you have problems with installation but can open AutoCAD try Support Assistance. Choose Help Support Assistance. Then click Solutions Index. Click Installation, Configuration, and Performance, and under the Installation heading see if you can find the problem you are having. Click to see the answer.
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