See the sidebar Using AutoLISP to match properties for several examples of comment styles. in .NET

Access upc a in .NET See the sidebar Using AutoLISP to match properties for several examples of comment styles.
See the sidebar Using AutoLISP to match properties for several examples of comment styles.
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Part VII Programming AutoCAD
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Using AutoLISP to match properties
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This routine modifies the layer of objects to match the layer of one other object. This powerful routine was a mainstay of many AutoCAD users before the advent of the MATCHPROP command introduced in AutoCAD R14. The general method used here for matching layers can be used to change any properties you wish on any AutoCAD object. ;;;Matches the layer of one selected source object in any number of destination objects. (defun c:matchlayer (/ src_object mysset counter cur_ent_ent_layer) (princ \n*** Select Source object to match *** ) ; prompt the user (if (setq src_object (car (entsel))) ; select the object (progn (setq src_layer (assoc 8 (entget src_object))) ; get the object s layer ;; prompt the user (princ \n*** Select Destination objects to match layer *** ) ;; collect some objects using ssget (if (setq mysset (ssget)) ; verify the user selected something (progn ; if the user selected some items do the following (setq counter 0) (while (< counter (sslength mysset)) (setq cur_ent (entget (ssname mysset counter))) (setq ent_layer (assoc 8 cur_ent)) (entmod (subst src_layer ent_layer cur_ent)) (setq counter (+ counter 1)) ) ) (princ \nYou did not select any items ) ; prompt the user ) ; end of if verification ) ; end of progn for the selection of object to match ;; prompt the user they did not select a source object (princ \nSorry you did not select an Object ) ) ; end of if (princ) ) ; end of function c:matchlayer This routine first gets the name of the selected object with (car (entsel)). It determines its layer by using ENTGET on the object name and using ASSOC with the 8 group code. Then it gets a selection set of the Destination objects. It creates a loop that cycles through these objects, gets their layers (the ent_layer variable), and uses ENTMOD and SUBST to change the object s current layer to the source object s layer.
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35 Exploring AutoLISP Further
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Each selection of objects (the source object and the destination objects) is enclosed in an IF function whose if-false statement prints an error message telling users that they did not select an object (or objects).
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Step-by-Step: Putting on the Finishing Touches
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1. Load the application completed in the previous Step-by-Step exercise. If you didn t do the previous exercise, enter it from that exercise in Visual LISP s edit window and save it as ab35-5.lsp in \AutoCAD 2002\Support or a folder that you have added to the support file search path. Then load it with any drawing open in AutoCAD. 2. Now run chgmytext and choose an object that is not a text object (such as a circle) in response to the Select object: prompt. Answer the prompts for new height and new text value. If you have done this to a circle, you see its radius change to match the value you specified to be the new text height. This is definitely not what you intended when writing this program. 3. Modify the program so it reads this way and save it as ab35-6.lsp:
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;;;modifies text height and content (value) (defun c:chgmytext (/ src_object new_ht new_str) (terpri) (setq src_object (entget (car (entsel)))) (if (equal (assoc 0 src_object) (0 . TEXT )) (progn (princ What is the new height for the text ) (setq new_ht (getreal)) (princ What is the new text value ) (setq new_str (getstring)) (setq src_object (subst (cons 40 new_ht) (assoc 40 src_object) src_object) ) (setq src_object (subst (cons 1 new_str) (assoc 1 src_object)src_object) ) (entmod src_object) ) (princ You must select a text object. ) ) (princ) )
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4. Load ab35-6.lsp. Start chgmytext and try out the routine again with a circle or other non-text object. Do not save your drawing.
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