Getting on the Internet in .NET

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28 Getting on the Internet
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Figure 28-16: A preview of some drawings using the Array of Thumbnails template and medium JPEGs. You can click on any thumbnail to see the medium JPEG image. Note the i-drop icons.
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Figure 28-17: Success with the file transfer!
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You can always upload the files by yourself, using your own FTP program or whatever other means you use to post to the Web site.
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Editing Web pages
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You can edit your Web page for example, you can delete existing drawings and add new ones. Start the Publish to Web command and choose Edit Existing Web Page on the first screen. Click Next and choose the Web page you want to edit by choosing a .ptw (Publish to Web) file. Click Next again. From this point on, you can change any existing information.
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Part V Organizing and Managing Drawings Web upc symbol encodingfor .net
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On the Select Drawings screen, click Update to update a drawing that has changed since the last time you created the Web page. Click Remove to remove a drawing. To add a new drawing, follow the same procedures I described in the previous section. To change the order of the drawings, select a drawing from the list and click Move Up or Move Down until you get the results you want. Continue through the wizard and re-post your drawings.
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Viewing drawings on the Web
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The final step is to view the drawings on the Web. If you use the Publish to Web Wizard to create JPEG or PNG drawings, you simply view them like any other image. However, DWF drawings can be panned and zoomed and offer other viewing options as well. To view a DWF drawing, you need a special program called Volo View Express or Volo View. Volo View Express is free and comes with AutoCAD 2002. It is also available as a free download from Autodesk s Web site at http://www. (Volo View and Volo View Express replace WHIP!, used with earlier versions of DWF drawings.)
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Volo View and Volo View Express can also view DWG files. As a result, people without AutoCAD can use either of these programs to view your drawings.
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If you installed AutoCAD s Internet features, you can automatically view DWF files. When you go to any Web page with a DWF drawing, you either see your drawing in your browser or else Volo View or Volo View Express opens automatically and displays the drawing. Volo View Express s functions are accessed by right-clicking anywhere in the DWF image to open the menu shown in Figure 28-18.
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Figure 28-18: The Volo View Express menu
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28 Getting on the Internet
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Although the terms are somewhat different from those you are used to, you ll quickly get the hang of zooming and panning in a DWF drawing: Pan works just like real-time pan. Just click and drag in the direction you want the image to go. Zoom enables you to right-click to choose the zoom options Previous, Next, Window, All, In/Out. To create a window, you need to press and drag to specify the window, unlike AutoCAD, in which you pick the two diagonal points of the window. In/out works just like real-time zoom. Layers lets you turn listed layers on or off. Named Views lets you choose from a list of named views. ClearScale displays the drawing in grayscale. Black & White displays the drawing in black and white. Print lets you print the drawing. Save Target As lets you save the drawing as a file on your hard drive. When your cursor passes over a URL area, the cursor changes to a pointing hand, as shown in Figure 28-19. You are probably familiar with this cursor from surfing the Web because it is universally used to indicate a link. To go to the URL, you need to double-click it a single click does not work.
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