Adjusting NetMeeting settings in .NET

Produce UCC - 12 in .NET Adjusting NetMeeting settings
Adjusting NetMeeting settings
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In order to get NetMeeting to work, you may need to adjust its settings. You can also add a comment about yourself in the Find Someone dialog box. Here s how: 1. In the NetMeeting window, choose Tools Options. 2. On the General tab, complete the information about yourself. Whatever you enter in the Comments text box appears in the Comments column in the Find Someone dialog box. 3. Click Bandwidth Settings to adjust the settings for your Internet connection. I changed this a couple of times before I could get NetMeeting to work. 4. If you want to specify security settings, use the Security tab. 5. On the Audio tab, you can adjust your audio settings if you want to use a microphone. Click Tuning Wizard to have NetMeeting test your audio setup.
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28 Getting on the Internet
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6. Use the Video tab if you have a video camera to adjust your settings. 7. Click OK when you re done. You may see a similar dialog box when you first start NetMeeting. Fill out the information, and NetMeeting uses it for the settings in the Options dialog box. You can always go back and change the settings by choosing Tools Options.
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Opening Drawings from the Web
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Imagine accessing drawings, blocks, and so on from the Internet in the same way you currently access them on your hard drive or network! Sharing drawings around the world can be as easy as opening a drawing on your hard drive. AutoCAD 2002 now has two methods for bringing objects into your drawings.
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Using the Browse the Web - Open dialog box
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You can directly open a drawing from the Web from the Select File dialog box (choose File Open) using the Search the Web button. As long as you have an active connection to the Internet, AutoCAD opens the Browse the Web - Open dialog box, as shown in Figure 28-8. This dialog box functions as a Web-aware Open dialog box, enabling you to access drawings and other files over the Internet.
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Figure 28-8: The Browse the Web - Open dialog box
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Part V Organizing and Managing Drawings
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If you have Microsoft Internet Explorer, version 4.0 or higher, you will be able to open drawings from the Web.
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In the Browse the Web - Open dialog box, use the Look in text box just like the Address box of your Web browser. (The Look in box defaults to Autodesk s Web site.) You can click the down arrow at the right and see the same list of recently used Web addresses (URLs) that you see in your browser. You may need to enter a user name and password, depending on the requirements of the Web site. When you get to the Web page you need, you can click the drawing or its link to place the drawing name in the File name text box at the bottom of the dialog box. You can also directly type the URL and name of a drawing, such as (This is not an existing URL it is an example only.) Once you find the drawing you want, click Open. AutoCAD opens the drawing file. You can do the same with raster images and xrefs. With proper authorization, you can save drawings to a Web URL.
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Using i-drop to drag objects into a drawing
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The new XML object that you can import and export (see 27) opens up many possibilities for interaction between a drawing and a Web site.
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New Feature
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AutoCAD 2002 introduces i-drop, a way to drag content, including drawings, blocks, and more from a Web site into your drawing.
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An i-drop enabled Web site displays the i-drop cursor when you pass the cursor over an image, as shown in Figure 28-9. This cursor indicates that you can drag the object represented by the image into your drawing. For more information on creating i-drop-enabled Web sites, go to The Publish to Web feature, covered later in this chapter, also contains i-drop capability.
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