Working with Other Applications in .NET

Integrating UPC A in .NET Working with Other Applications
27 Working with Other Applications
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Figure 27-22: A listing of one of the new text objects
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12. Return to your spreadsheet and change the cell F2 (which now says P) to M and press Enter. Go back to AutoCAD and watch the P change to an M. Any changes made to the spreadsheet are updated in your AutoCAD drawing. 13. Save your drawing. Close your spreadsheet program without saving the change you made.
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In this chapter, you learned how to import and export other file formats, including both vector and bitmap (raster) formats, and you learned how to work with DXF files. I also covered managing images and controlling their display. I ended the chapter by discussing pasting, linking, and embedding objects into AutoCAD. The next chapter discusses how to integrate AutoCAD with the Internet.
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Getting on the Internet
utoCAD 2002 offers many ways to integrate your drawings with the Internet. You can open AutoCAD drawings from a Web site, create object hyperlinks to anywhere on the Web, and publish drawings on a Web site. When you access a Web site (perhaps your company s intranet), you can find blocks or other data and drag them into your drawing. This chapter covers this new way to work with AutoCAD. Web gtin - 12 integrationin .net
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In This
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Faxing and e-mailing drawings Opening drawings from the Web Creating object hyperlinks
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Sending Drawings
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You can send your AutoCAD drawings to others on your team or to your clients instantly by either faxing or e-mailing them, just as you fax and e-mail other documents. Fax a drawing if the recipient doesn t have AutoCAD and wants to quickly see the drawing on paper. (Later in this chapter, I explain how someone without AutoCAD can use Volo View Express to view AutoCAD drawings.) Use e-mail if the recipient has AutoCAD and may need to edit the drawing. You can also send a drawing to an FTP site.
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Publishing drawings on the World Wide Web: electronic plotting
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Faxing a drawing from within AutoCAD
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If you have fax software installed that you use to fax files from your computer, you can fax a drawing by following these steps: 1. Open the drawing you want to fax. 2. Choose File Plot. On the Plot Device tab of the Plot dialog box, choose the printer driver included with your fax software. Use the Scaled to Fit option on the Plot Settings tab so your drawing fits on the recipient s 81/2 11 sheet of fax paper. Choose OK.
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Part V Organizing and Managing Drawings
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3. Your fax software opens a dialog box to let you specify the recipient, whether or not to send a cover page, and so on. Choose Send or Send Fax in the dialog box to send the fax.
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FTPing a drawing
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FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol and is a method of uploading or downloading drawings from a computer via the Internet or an intranet. You can set up FTP locations by choosing Tools Add/Modify FTP Locations from the menu of any dialog box that lets you select drawings (such as Select File or Save Drawing As). You need to list the name of the FTP site, choose a log on type (Anonymous or User), and specify your user name and password if you are logging on as a User. You can then open drawings from, and save them to, FTP locations. To FTP a drawing, choose File Save As. Choose FTP, which is the last item on the Places list on the left side of the dialog box. (You may have to scroll down to see it.) Here you see FTP sites that you have added to the list. Select the FTP site and click Save.
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E-mailing a drawing
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You can e-mail a drawing from your e-mail program. In most cases, when you e-mail a drawing, you write an e-mail message and include the drawing file as an attachment. Your recipient opens the attachment, automatically launching AutoCAD. You may want to use compression software such as PKZIP or WinZip to compress the drawing to reduce sending and receiving time.