Embedding objects into AutoCAD in .NET

Incoporate upc barcodes in .NET Embedding objects into AutoCAD
Embedding objects into AutoCAD
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You have three ways to embed data from other applications. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. Here s the first way: 1. From AutoCAD, choose Insert OLE Object to open the Insert Object dialog box, shown in Figure 27-13. This starts the INSERTOBJ command. (The entries listed in this dialog box depend on the applications you have installed on your computer.) 2. If you want to create a new file in the other application, choose Create New. Choose the application you want to use from the Object Type list, and click OK. The other application opens, so you can create the new data. When you are done, choose File Update from the other application s menu. (This menu item can vary, depending on the application.) Click the Close button at the top-right corner of the application to close it and return to AutoCAD. The new file has been inserted. 3. If you want to choose an existing file, choose Create From File. Click Browse to find the file. Click Insert. You return to the Insert Object file where you can choose Link to link the data (described in the next section of this chapter). Choose OK. AutoCAD places the file at the top-left corner of your screen with handles that you can use to move and/or resize the object.
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27 Working with Other Applications
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Figure 27-13: The Insert Object dialog box
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Here s the second way: 1. Open the source application, select the data, and copy it to the clipboard. (Click Copy on the Standard toolbar or choose Edit Copy.) Leave the source application open. 2. If AutoCAD is open, switch to it by choosing its button on the task bar. Otherwise, open it. 3. In your drawing, choose Edit Paste Special. 4. In the Paste Special dialog box, choose the first option, which lets you embed the object as an object of the source application. Click OK. 5. You can now close the other application. The third way to insert data is to use drag-and-drop: 1. If AutoCAD is not open, open it. Open the drawing where you want to embed the data. 2. Open the source application and select the data. 3. Press Ctrl and click the selected data again, holding down the mouse button. 4. Drag the data to the AutoCAD button on the Windows task bar and continue to hold down the mouse button until the AutoCAD screen comes up. 5. Drag the data to the desired location in your drawing. Using INSERTOBJ gives you the option of creating a new file on the spot in the other application. You don t have to keep the other application open when you return to AutoCAD. Note that you cannot create a link if you are creating a new file. Using the clipboard enables you to insert part of a file for example, part of a spreadsheet which can be a great advantage. You need to keep the other application open until you paste the object into AutoCAD.
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Part V Organizing and Managing Drawings
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OLE objects have a few limitations in AutoCAD: If they are contained in a block or an external reference, they may not be displayed or plotted. In certain cases, OLE objects can be printed out only on Windows system printers. You can usually configure your plotter to be the system printer. OLE objects don t rotate with your drawing when you use a PLOT rotation. Instead, you could use the system printer s Landscape setting. Large Excel spreadsheets may be truncated. Try reducing the height of the rows and the width of the columns, or use a smaller font size.
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If you don t mind a few steps, you can sometimes get good results importing large Excel spreadsheets by way of Microsoft Word, as follows: In Excel, use Save As to save the spreadsheet in Text (Tab delimited) format. Insert the file into Word (choose Text Files from the Open dialog box s Files of type drop-down list). Select the entire file and choose Table Convert Text to Table. Change the Page Setup to accommodate the large size of the table, using a custom paper size. Format the table if you wish. Copy it to the clipboard. In AutoCAD, choose Paste on the Standard toolbar.
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When you insert an OLE object, AutoCAD opens the OLE Properties dialog box, as shown in Figure 27-14. Use this dialog box to specify the height or scale of the OLE object. If the OLE object is a text document, you can specify the text size in points or AutoCAD units. In the OLE plot quality, choose the type of file you are inserting. You can choose from Line Art (such as a spreadsheet), Text, Graphics (such as a chart), Photograph, and High-Quality Photograph. Click OK to insert the OLE object.
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If you try to use HIDE on a 3D model that contains OLE objects, the OLE objects disappear! The solution is to insert them in paper space. You can then hide the 3D model in one floating viewport and display the OLE object in another.
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