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Using Commands
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s a result of AutoCAD s long history, the way you give AutoCAD commands called the user interface is somewhat unique. You can give the same command in several ways. In this chapter, you learn about the various possibilities and start to feel comfortable with all of them. Commands are important because you can t do anything in AutoCAD without executing a command. In a word processing program, you can simply start typing; in a spreadsheet program, you can begin by entering data; but nothing happens in AutoCAD until you give it a command.
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In This
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The Windows interface: Using AutoCAD s menus, dialog boxes, and toolbars Working with the command line Repeating and canceling commands Undoing and redoing commands Executing a command within another command Executing two commands concurrently Using AutoCAD s help system
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The Windows Interface
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Many new commands have been added to AutoCAD over the years. Often, older commands that were no longer necessary were kept to maintain compatibility with earlier versions. In most Windows programs, all commands are included in the menus, but in AutoCAD a number of these older commands, as well as certain rarely used commands, are not found in the menus. Other than this idiosyncrasy, AutoCAD s menus are similar to those of other Windows programs.
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Using AutoCAD s menus
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A menu item can do three things. As in all Windows programs, the menu provides clues to let you know what is going to occur when you click a menu item. Table 3-1 explains how this works.
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AutoCAD comes with an Image menu that provides information on another Autodesk product, CAD Overlay. This menu has no direct connection to AutoCAD and contains an item letting you remove the menu.
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Part I AutoCAD Basics
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The screen menu
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In early releases, AutoCAD provided a menu on the right side of the screen, called the screen menu. If you are still used to the screen menu, I strongly suggest that you adjust to the new interface. You will find its consistency with other Windows programs to be an advantage. If you must have the screen menu, you can easily display it. Choose Tools Options. Click the Display tab. In the Window Elements section, choose Display screen menu. Click OK. AutoCAD s current default is to not show the screen menu, so I do not use it in this book. Therefore, the word menu always means the pull-down menu at the top of the AutoCAD screen.
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Table 3-1 Menu Symbols and What They Mean
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Symbol No symbol appears . . . (ellipsis) Menu Action Executes a command after the menu item Opens a dialog box Displays a submenu
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The View menu, shown in Figure 3-1, includes all three types of menu items.
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Displays submenu with more options Executes a command
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Opens a dialog box Figure 3-1: The View menu
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3 Using Commands
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On the CD-ROM
The drawing used in the following Step-by-Step exercise on using a submenu, ab2-1.dwg, is in the Results folder of the AutoCAD 2002 Bible CD-ROM.
Step-by-Step: Using a Submenu
1. Open ab2-1.dwg from the Results folder of the CD-ROM. 2. Choose the View menu and point to the Zoom menu item. You may click it, but doing so is not necessary. The submenu opens. 3. Move the mouse pointer over to the submenu. You now have a choice of a list of ZOOM command options. 4. Choose Out from the submenu. The title block gets smaller, as if you have zoomed out using a movie camera lens. Do not save this drawing. It is worthwhile to look at the command line whenever you click a menu option. The ZOOM command is repeated on the command line, and a list of options appears. Notice that they are mostly the same as those on the submenu, with some minor differences. For example, the Out option that you just used is not available on the command line. This is actually equivalent to using the Scale option that appears on the command line with a value of 0.5x. AutoCAD s menu often offers preset options of commands to make your work simpler.