Controlling the DesignCenter display in .NET

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Controlling the DesignCenter display
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The DesignCenter provides several controls that help you manage its display. A great feature of the DesignCenter is the preview pane. Click Preview on the DesignCenter toolbar to open this pane. Then select the item in the content pane. You may or may not see a preview of a block. (The new Block Definition dialog box specifically lets you create a preview icon.) Usually, you will see a preview of drawings and raster images. No previews exist for layers, linetypes, text styles, and so on.
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Part V Organizing and Managing Drawings
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If you saved a description with a block, select the block in the content pane and click Description on the DesignCenter toolbar to see the description. If you saved summary information with a drawing, the summary information appears as the description. To set the view, choose Views from the DesignCenter toolbar. The drop-down arrow lets you choose from four types of displays: large icons, small icons, list, and details. You can only see details for drawings and other files AutoCAD displays their size and type. If you make changes in the structure of a folder while the DesignCenter is open, for example by deleting a drawing using Windows Explorer, right-click the navigation or content pane and choose Refresh. AutoCAD re-reads the data and refreshes the list.
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On the CD-ROM
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The drawings used in the following Step-by-Step exercise on using the AutoCAD DesignCenter, ab26-a.dwg and ab26-b.dwg, are in the Drawings folder of the AutoCAD 2002 Bible CD-ROM.
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Step-by-Step: Using the AutoCAD DesignCenter
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1. Open ab26a-dwg from the CD-ROM. 2. Save the file as ab26-1.dwg in your AutoCAD Bible folder. This drawing needs an updated set of layers and a title block. It is shown in Figure 26-4.
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Figure 26-4: This drawing needs updated layers and a title block.
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Thanks to Vladimir Sevastyanov of the Ukraine for this drawing of a gyrating swivel that feeds oil to an uncoiling machine used in the cold rolling of metal.
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26 Keeping Control of Your Drawings
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Choose AutoCAD DesignCenter from the Standard toolbar. If the navigation pane is not displayed, click Tree View Toggle on the DesignCenter toolbar.
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4. In the navigation pane, locate ab26-b.dwg on the CD-ROM. Click its plus sign. 5. Choose Blocks. The ansi_d block appears in the content pane. Double-click ansi_d. Uncheck any Specify Onscreen checkboxes and click OK. 6. Do a Zoom Extents. 7. In the navigation pane, click Layers for ab26-b.dwg. 8. In the content pane, click the first layer, press and hold Shift, and click the last layer to select all the layers. Drag them onto the drawing area. AutoCAD imports the layers. 9. Save your drawing.
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Setting Standards for Drawings
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One person rarely has complete control over a drawing. You may xref in other drawings, or others may xref in your drawings. Several people may work on one drawing. You may send a drawing to a client who may work on it as well. More and more, working in AutoCAD is becoming a collaborative effort and it can get out of control. One way to get in control is to set standards for drawings and issue those standards so that everyone involved has access to them. If you don t have agreed-upon standards, you not only waste time changing layers, text styles, and so on, but your drawings get very complicated. You should set standards for the following: Drawing names and property summaries Blocks, including names, layers, and insertion points Layers, including uses, names, colors, linetypes, and lineweights Text styles, including uses, names, and properties Dimension styles and tolerances, if any Multiline styles Units settings Layouts In some cases, your standards are set by outside conventions. For example, the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and the Construction Standards Institute (CSI) publish layering standards for members. If you use coded names, such as 97GR134.dwg, you may want to keep a list of the drawing names with a description of the drawing next to it. A key that explains the coding system will help as well.
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