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Understanding database connectivity Preparing for database connectivity Connecting to a database Linking data to drawing objects Creating labels Querying the database Working with query files
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Understanding External Database Access
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The linking of databases and AutoCAD drawings is referred to as external database access. External database access enables you to: Create links between AutoCAD drawing objects and the external data View data in external databases
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Part III Working with Data
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Edit data in external databases Display external database data in your drawing The database connectivity feature works with the following databases: Microsoft Access 97 and 95 Visual dBASE 7.01 dBASE V and III Microsoft Excel 2000 and 97 Oracle 8.0 and 7.3 Paradox 7.0 Microsoft Visual FoxPro 6.0 SQL Server 7.0 and 6.5 Once you have configured a database, as explained later in this chapter, you can access the data in the database even if you don t have the database program that created the data. A database is a set of related information, usually maintained by a Database Management System (DBMS) an application that manages databases. A database is stored in the form of a table that contains rows and columns. A row, also called a record, contains one element of data, such as the information for one desk. A column, also called a field, contains the attributes of the date, such as the price. Table 20-1 shows the first three rows of the database used as an example in this chapter.
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Table 20-1 A Simple Database Table
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A relational database is a type of database that contains a collection of tables. Each table represents a set of data for a defined use. Structured Query Language (SQL pronounced sequel or S-Q-L) was created to provide users with a database language that would be applicable across multiple platforms and database management programs.
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20 Working with External Databases
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Some database systems use environments, catalogs, schemas, and tables to create a hierarchy of database objects. A database object is simply the term used to specify any of the following SQL2 objects: Environment, Catalog, Schema, or Table. Environment means the entire database system the DBMS, the databases it can access, the users, and the programs that can access those databases. A catalog is a collection of schemas and has the same name as the folder where the database is located. A schema is a set of tables and other database components and has the same name as the catalog subfolder where the database tables reside. You don t need to work with these concepts if your database system does not require or specify it. AutoCAD can connect to an individual table or to a collection of tables stored in an environment, catalog, or schema.
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Preparing for Database Connectivity
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The basic steps for starting to work with database connectivity are as follows: 1. Make sure you have installed the Database feature of AutoCAD. 2. Make sure you have the ODBC Data Source program from Microsoft. 3. Arrange your database tables into catalogs (folders) and schemas (subfolders) appropriate for your application, if necessary. 4. Configure the appropriate database driver using Microsoft s ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) and OLE DB programs. 5. Configure your data source from within AutoCAD. 6. Start the dbCONNECT command. 7. Establish a user access name and password, if required by the database system. 8. Connect to your data source. 9. Open the Data View window containing your data table. 10. Edit the data, if desired. 11. Link database rows to objects in your drawing. 12. Create labels based on your data in your drawing, if desired.
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