Controlling Xref Display in .NET

Implement UPC Symbol in .NET Controlling Xref Display
Controlling Xref Display
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You can control the display of xref layers so that you see only those layers you need. Several features let you control the process of displaying xrefs, making it easier to see only part of an xref and speeding up the display of very large xrefs.
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Part III Working with Data
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Xrefs and dependent symbols
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Dependent symbols are named items in a drawing, such as layers, text styles, dimension styles, and so on. When you attach an xref, these symbols are listed in your current drawing. For example, the Layer Control drop-down list displays the layers of the xref. Xref symbols have the format xref_name|symbol_name. This system distinguishes xref symbols from those of your current drawing and ensures that there are no duplicate symbols.
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Xrefs and layers
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You can turn on and off, or freeze and thaw, xref layers. You can also change an xref layer s properties in the Layer Properties Manager dialog box. By default, these changes are temporary. The next time you open the drawing or reload the xref, the original settings are restored. However, you can set the VISRETAIN system variable to 1 to retain these changes. Objects created on layer 0 do not take on the typical xref layer name format, but stay on layer 0. If objects in the xref are on layer 0 with the color and linetype set to ByLayer, they take on the color and linetype properties of the current layer in the current drawing. If color and linetype are set to ByBlock, objects assume the current properties when the xref is attached. If you explicitly set color and linetype, objects retain those settings.
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The XBIND command
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You can use the XBIND command to import only the symbols you want from the external reference into the current drawing. This makes it easy to work with a consistent set of symbols in the current drawing and the xrefs. For example, you can choose to import the titleblk layer and the dec dimension style. Type xbind on the command line. AutoCAD opens the Xbind dialog box, which lists each xref in the drawing and its symbols in a Windows Explorer-like display, as shown in Figure 19-8.
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Figure 19-8: Using the XBIND command to import symbols such as layers, text styles, and so on
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19 Referencing Other Drawings
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Click the plus sign next to any symbol type to open a list of symbols. Click the one you want and choose Add to add it to the Definitions to Bind list. Click OK when you are done. Later in this chapter, I explain how you can use the AutoCAD DesignCenter to move xrefs and other dependent symbols from one drawing to another.
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Circular references
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If drawing a includes drawing b as an xref and drawing b includes drawing a as an xref, you have a circular reference. Circular references can exist among three or more xrefs as well when you have nested xrefs. AutoCAD detects circular references and loads as much as it can. If you try to load an xref in such a situation, AutoCAD gives you the following message:
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Warning: Circular continue Breaking Circular reference from XREF to current drawing. reference(s) have been found. Continue <N> Type y to to load the xref. circular reference from XREF to current drawing.
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Clipping xrefs
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You may want to see only part of an xref. This option is especially important when you are using very large xref drawings. The XCLIP command enables you to create a border in an xref and hides any part of the xref outside the border. To clip an xref, choose Modify Clip Xref or choose External Reference Clip from the Reference toolbar. AutoCAD prompts you to select objects. Pick the xref you want to clip. Note that any nested xrefs are clipped with the main xref you select.
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You can also clip blocks.
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To see the clipping boundary (if you haven t used an existing polyline to define it), change the value of the XCLIPFRAME system variable to 1. Figure 19-9 shows an xref clipped with a polygonal boundary. Compare this to Figure 19-4, which shows the entire xref. Table 19-1 explains the options of this command.
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