Part III Working with Data in .NET

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Part III Working with Data
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detach it before plotting. Xrefs can be attached and detached easily for maximum flexibility or overlaid for temporary use.
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Attaching an external reference
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The first step is to attach the external reference, which is just another drawing, to your current drawing. When working with xrefs, you may find it useful to use the Reference toolbar. To open the Reference toolbar, right-click any toolbar and choose Reference. To attach an xref, follow these steps: 1. Choose External Reference from the Reference toolbar (or choose Insert Xref Manager) to start the XREF command. AutoCAD opens the Xref Manager, shown in Figure 19-1, your one-stop shopping mall for external references. This dialog box enables you to manage all your xrefs in one place.
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Figure 19-1: The Xref Manager
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2. If you don t have any xrefs in use in a drawing, the External Reference dialog box is blank. If you do have xrefs in your drawing, this screen shows your current external references. To attach an external reference, choose Attach in the Xref Manager to open the Select Reference File dialog box. Choose the file you want to attach and click Open. AutoCAD opens the External Reference dialog box, shown in Figure 19-2. The dialog box displays the file you chose along with its path (location). 3. Choose the type of xref in the Reference Type section: Attachment: When you attach a drawing, any xrefs in that drawing also appear. In other words, you can see nested layers of xrefs. Overlay: When you overlay a drawing, others who reference your drawing see only your drawing, without the drawing you have overlaid. In other words, they cannot see nested overlaid drawings.
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19 Referencing Other Drawings
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Figure 19-2: The External Reference dialog box
Use overlays when you don t want the complication of nested xrefs. Otherwise, use attachments.
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4. Use the bottom half of the dialog box to specify the insertion point; X, Y, and Z scale factors; and rotation angle either in the dialog box or onscreen. These prompts are the same ones you use when inserting a block or file. 5. Check Retain Path if you want AutoCAD to save not only the xref s name but its location. You want to retain the path if the drawing is not in the Support Files or Project Files search path. You can set these search paths by choosing Tools Options and clicking the Files tab. 6. Click OK. AutoCAD attaches the xref. If your current view does not show the entire xref, do a ZOOM Extents.
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Viewing xref relationships
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To see what type of xrefs you have in your drawing, choose External Reference from the Reference toolbar. The external references are listed in the Xref Manager. You can choose one of two views:
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List View lists all the xrefs along with their status, size, type, date and time saved, and the saved path, if any. Tree View lists all the xrefs in a graphical view that shows their relationships. This view is great for understanding nested xrefs.
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You can change the width of the columns in List View by placing the cursor on a column dividing line until it changes to a two-headed arrow. Then drag in either direction.
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Click any xref, and the Xref Found At box displays the location of the xref.
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Part III Working with Data
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Spotlight on AutoCAD users: Using xrefs for electrical designing
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Wing T. Duong works for Pacific Engineering Associates, an electrical engineering firm in Oakland, California. He mostly creates floor plans for power distribution and lighting fixtures layout. When he starts a new project, if he is dealing with a new architect, he meets with the CAD people to review the basic setup layer names, fonts, colors, and so on to make sure there is no conflict between standards. This process also involves mechanical, structural, and civil engineers. Then he gets a set of drawings from the architect. He calls them architectural backgrounds because he uses them as xrefs in his electrical drawings. The xrefs are the base plans he uses to create his electrical designs. If the architectural plans change, he gets new drawings from the architect, copies these files over the old drawings, and then his drawings automatically display the newest version of the xref. You see here a typical architectural design of the type Wing uses.
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