Part II Drawing in Two Dimensions in .NET

Creator UPC A in .NET Part II Drawing in Two Dimensions
Part II Drawing in Two Dimensions
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Importing a text style
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As explained in 11, you can use the AutoCAD DesignCenter to import features from other drawings. To import a text style, follow these steps: 1. Choose AutoCAD DesignCenter from the Standard toolbar to open the DesignCenter. 2. In the left pane, navigate to the drawing that has the text style you want. 3. Double-click the drawing icon or click its plus sign. 4. To see the list of the text styles, double-click the text styles icon in either the left or right pane. 5. Double-click the text style s icon to import it into your drawing. 6. Click the DesignCenter s Close button to close the DesignCenter.
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On the CD-ROM
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The drawing used in the following Step-by-Step exercise on changing text styles, ab13-3.dwg, is in the Results folder of the AutoCAD 2002 Bible CD-ROM.
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Step-by-Step: Changing Text Styles
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1. If you have ab13-3.dwg open from the previous Step-by-Step exercise, continue to use it for this exercise. Otherwise, open ab13-3.dwg from the Results folder of your CD-ROM. 2. Save the file as ab13-4.dwg in your AutoCAD Bible folder. 3. The note at the bottom-left corner of the drawing uses the Notes text style. Choose Format Text Style. In the Text Style dialog box, make sure NOTES is the style name listed, and then choose italic.shx from the Font Name dropdown list. Choose Apply, and then Close. 4. AutoCAD regenerates the drawing and changes the text s font. 5. Save your drawing. Web Forms upc-a supplement 5 developmentin .net
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Creating Multiline Text
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Single-line text is awkward when you want to type quite a bit of text. The main disadvantage is that single-line text does not use word wrap, a feature that wraps text to the next line to keep a neat right margin. Multiline text (also called paragraph text and not to be confused with multilines) solves this problem and also offers many more formatting options compared to single-line text. The entire paragraph of multiline text is one object.
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13 Creating Text
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The edit box you use to create multiline text resembles Windows word processors and is resizable. You use this box both to create and also to edit text and its properties.
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Using the Multiline Text Editor
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To create paragraph text, choose Multiline Text from the Draw toolbar. This starts the MTEXT command. AutoCAD tells you the current style and text height. For example:
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Current text style: ROMANS. Text height: 4 1/2
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AutoCAD continues with the Specify first corner: prompt. Specify one corner of a bounding box to specify where to place the text. At the Specify opposite
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corner or [Height/Justify/Line spacing/Rotation/Style/Width]:
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prompt, specify the diagonally opposite corner of the bounding box. You can also choose one of the other options to specify the text properties before you type in the text. However, these options (explained later in this chapter) are also available in the Multiline Text Editor, which opens once you have specified the bounding box. The Multiline Text Editor is shown in Figure 13-17.
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Figure 13-17: The Character tab of the Multiline Text Editor
Type your text in the large edit box. The Multiline Text Editor wraps the text to the next line when AutoCAD senses that the text has met the right side of the bounding box you specified. Although you have created a bounding box with four sides, AutoCAD only limits the text by the paragraph width, that is, the left and right margins. If you type too much text for the bounding box, AutoCAD scrolls the text in the Text Editor. You can also enlarge the Text Editor by dragging on its bottom edge.
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Creating stacked fractions automatically
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You can create automatic stacked fractions and tolerances as you type, using a system similar to those described earlier for creating special characters with DTEXT/TEXT. You can also type unstacked fractions (as in 1/2), select the fraction text, and then click Stack/Unstack on the Character tab. You can still stack fractions in this manner.