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A vector is a direction. It is expressed as delta X, delta Y.
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Remember that these points can be specified in many ways, most commonly by object snaps. The cur function can be used to pick any point on the screen.
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On the CD-ROM
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The drawing used in the following Step-by-Step exercise on using the CAL command (AutoCAD s calculator), ab12-a.dwg, is in the Drawings folder of the AutoCAD 2002 Bible CD-ROM.
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Step-by-Step: Using CAL
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1. Open ab12-a.dwg from the CD-ROM if you do not have it open from the previous exercise. 2. Save the drawing as ab12-1.dwg in your AutoCAD Bible folder. 3. If you did not do the previous exercise, use ZOOM Window to zoom in to the parcels labeled D and E, as shown in Figure 12-15. Web Pages upc-a developmentin .net
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Part II Drawing in Two Dimensions
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Figure 12-15: Parcels D and E in the civil engineering drawing
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4. In the exercise on calculating area earlier in this chapter, you calculated a total area of 306975.04, in units of inches. To calculate what that is in square feet, type cal . At the Expression: prompt, type 306975.04/144 . AutoCAD calculates 2131.77. 5. In the Step-by-Step exercise on the DIVIDE command earlier in this chapter, you divided a line into three segments by placing two points on the line. You can use CAL to calculate the length of those segments. Type cal . At the Expression: prompt, type abs(end-end)/3 . AutoCAD prompts you for the two endpoint snaps. Pick the two ends of the line at in Figure 12-15. AutoCAD calculates 262.37. 6. Suppose that you want to draw a line starting from the intersection of two intersecting lines going from corner to diagonally opposite corner and ending perpendicular to the top line of the land parcel. Start the LINE command. At the Specify first point: prompt, type 'cal . At the Expression: prompt, type ill(end,end,end,end) . AutoCAD prompts you for four endpoints. Pick the endpoints (in Figure 12-15) at 1 and 2 to define the first line, and then at 3 and 4 to define the second line. AutoCAD starts the line at the intersection of the two lines. At the To point: prompt, choose the Perpendicular object snap and pick 5. Figure 12-16 shows the result. 7. Save your drawing.
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12 Getting Information from Your Drawing
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Figure 12-16: Using CAL, you can calculate the intersection of two lines without drawing the lines.
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AutoCAD stores a great deal of information in each drawing. You can get a general status listing, list system variable settings, and track drawing time. You can get information about individual objects using the LIST, DIST, and ID commands. You can also calculate area and perimeters. The Properties window displays all of an object s properties. You can divide and measure objects by placing point objects along them. AutoCAD s calculator lets you use calculated results as part of your command input.
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Creating Text
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ll drawings include text that labels or explains the objects in the drawing. Such text is called annotation. AutoCAD has systematically improved the capabilities of its text objects so that you can now easily format and edit text to provide a professional appearance to your drawing. A wide array of font, alignment, and spacing options are available. You can also import text from a word processor. This chapter tells you all you need to know about creating text in AutoCAD.
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Creating and editing single-line text Understanding text styles Creating, editing, and formatting multiline (paragraph) text Managing text to improve performance Using the Find command Checking spelling
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Creating Single-Line Text
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Creating a single line of text using the defaults for font, height, and so on is very simple. Choose Draw Text Single Line Text. This starts the DTEXT command. DTEXT stands for dynamic text: you can see the text on the screen as you type it. Follow the prompts:
Current text style: Standard Text height: 0.2000 Specify start point of text or [Justify/Style]: Pick a start point for the text. Specify height <0.2000>: Type a height, or press Enter to accept the default. Specify rotation angle of text <0>: Type a rotation angle, or press Enter to accept the default. Enter text: Type one line of text. Press Enter when you are finished. Enter text: Press Enter to end the command.