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When two or more filters are listed without logical operators, AutoCAD calculates them as if they were grouped with the AND operator. This means that AutoCAD only selects objects that meet all the criteria specified.
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Table 10-3 explains the four logical operators. (AutoCAD calls them grouping operators because they group filter specifications together.) The Example column explains the results of two filter specifications: Color = 1-Red and Object = Circle.
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Table 10-3 Logical (or Grouping) Operators Used for Selection Filters
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Operator AND OR XOR Explanation Finds all objects that meet all criteria. Finds objects that meet any of the criteria. Example Finds red circles. Finds all red objects and all circles.
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Finds objects that meet one Finds red objects that are not circles criterion or the other but not both. and circles that are not red. Requires two criteria between Begin XOR and End XOR. Excludes objects that meet the criteria. May only have one criterion between Begin NOT and End NOT. If the NOT operator groups the Object = Circle filter, finds all red objects that are not circles.
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Part II Drawing in Two Dimensions
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Click Substitute and choose a saved filter to insert a saved filter into the filter you are currently defining. To add filters based on existing objects, choose Add Selected Object. AutoCAD adds all the properties of the object to the filter definition which is often more than you want. Figure 10-43 shows a filter that selects all lines and all polylines. The XOR operator was used because it finds objects that meet one criterion or the other but not both. Obviously, no object can be both a line and a polyline. This is a good example of a filter that you cannot create using Quick Select.
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Figure 10-43: A filter that selects all lines and all polylines
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Naming and editing filters
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Once you have completed the filter, you should save it. Even if you don t think you will use it again, you may make an editing error in the drawing while using it and have to go back to it. To save a filter, type a name in the Save As text box and click Save As. You edit a listed filter using three buttons: Edit Item: Choose the line containing the item and click this button to edit the item. AutoCAD places the object name in the drop-down box and lets you specify new values for it. Delete: Choose Delete to delete a chosen item in a filter. Clear List: Choose Clear List to clear all the items in a filter and start over. To choose a named filter to edit, choose it from the Current drop-down list.
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10 Editing Your Drawing: Advanced Tools
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Using filters
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You can use filters in two ways. Most often you choose a command first and then realize that you need a filter to select the objects. Follow these prompts:
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Select objects: filter Define the filter in the Object Selection Filters dialog box. Click Apply. Applying filter to selection. Select objects: Type all or use a large selection window to select all the objects you want to consider in the filter. x found y were filtered out Select objects: Exiting filtered selection. x found Select objects:
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AutoCAD continues with the command s usual prompts. Alternatively, you can start the FILTER command and define the filter. Click Apply. At the Select objects: prompt, type all or use a selection window. Press Enter to end object selection. Then start the editing command and use the Previous selection option to select the filtered objects.
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On the CD-ROM
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The drawing used in the following Step-by-Step exercise on using selection filters, ab10-k.dwg, is in the Drawings folder of the AutoCAD 2002 Bible CD-ROM.
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Step-by-Step: Using Selection Filters
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1. Open ab10-k.dwg from the CD-ROM. 2. Save the file as ab10-13.dwg in your AutoCAD Bible folder. Notice that two lines of text appearing in the middle of the drawing plus the text at the bottom of the drawing are black/white rather than blue like all the other text. You want to check the color of all the text and correct it if necessary. 3. Right-click the drawing area and choose Quick Select. In the Quick Select dialog box, click the Object type drop-down list and scroll down until you see Text. Choose it. 4. In the Properties section, color should be selected. If not, select it. In the Operator section, choose Not equal. In the Value section, choose ByLayer. Include In New Selection Set should be chosen. Append to Current Selection Set should not be checked. Click OK. AutoCAD selects three items of black/ white text. 5. Press Esc to deselect the objects and remove the grips. Now you ll try the same thing using the FILTER command, but add a level of complexity. 6. Type filter . The Object Selection Filters dialog box opens.
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