A New Covered Bridge for Old Salem in .NET

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A New Covered Bridge for Old Salem
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FIGURE 17-3 The bridge is protected by a standing seam copper roof.
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FIGURE 17-4 The arches spring from stone-clad concrete abutments.
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There is no historical precedent for a covered bridge at this location or in the vicinity of Old Salem. Certainly, however, North Carolina had many covered bridges, which spanned nearby rivers such as the Deep, Catawba, Haw, Dan and the Yadkin.1
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FIGURE 17-5 The 5-foot rise had to be con gured into a series of ramps and landings to conform with ADA.
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In 1751, the land now occupied by the city of Winston-Salem in North Carolina was a wilderness crossed by the hunting trails of the Cherokee, Creek, and Catawba Indian tribes. In London, leaders of the Moravian Church were considering an offer of John Carteret, the Earl of Granville, to sell them a large tract of land from his holdings in the North American colony. The Moravians, the spiritual descendants of the Czech priest Jan Hus who was martyred in 1415, had established in 1741, the town of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, as their chief center in North America. It is from Bethlehem that Moravian explorers set out in August 1752 to search for suitable land.2 A small group of ve men left Pennsylvania traveling down the coast past the Chesapeake Bay to Edenton, North Carolina. Their leader was Bishop August Gottlieb Spangenberg, whose task it was to search for the 100,000 acres of land for the church to purchase from the Earl of Granville. Accompanied by the Earl of Granville s chief surveyor and three local inhabitants, they traveled westward.2 After a wrong turn that led them into the North Carolina mountains, the group found the tract of land they were searching for. They had surveyed several plots that proved to be unsuitable prior to locating a large tract of land, which they named Wachovia.2 In the following year, 1753, a group of Single Brethren
A New Covered Bridge for Old Salem
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(unmarried Moravian men) journeyed from Pennsylvania, down the Shenandoah River Valley, and into North Carolina to establish a new settlement.2 In 1755, the rst married couples arrived to take up residence in the temporary town of Bethabara. The permanent settlement of Salem was established in 1766. For many decades, overland travel between the two Moravian communities was common. This historical link between Pennsylvania and North Carolina is important in the justi cation of the type of truss system selected for the new Salem Bridge.
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The following time line is provided to show that a Burr arch-truss is the most logical choice for this particular span. 1753 The rst Moravian settlers arrive from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. They establish Bethabara as a temporary community. 1771 Theodore Burr, a Harrisburg, Pennsylvania engineer and contractor is born in Connecticut. 1776 The residents of Bethabara move to Salem. 1784 Ithiel Town, a New Haven, Connecticut, architect, engineer, and bridge promoter is born. 1804 Theodore Burr builds a 400-foot span bridge across the Hudson River at Waterford, New York. 1817 Theodore Burr s patent of 1817 claimed nothing but the arch combined with the multiple kingpost truss. This became the most popular covered bridge structural system. Ithiel Town s plank-lattice design patent. Financial failure and death of Theodore Burr. Ithiel Town (1784 1884) secured a patent for a lattice bridge with double webs and secondary chords.
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1820 1822 1835
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1835 The Humpback bridge is built near Covington, Virginia. The 120foot-long multiple kingpost bridge has an 8-foot rise. 1842 1844 1894 The pamphlet Hints on Bridge Construction by an Engineer is published by Herman Haupt of Pennsylvania. Ithiel Town dies. Bunker Hill Covered Bridge is built in Claremont, North Carolina, after Herman Haupt s improved lattice.
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Project Justi cation
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1970 1971
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The oldest covered bridge in the United States, built in 1812, is a Burr located near Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. Nearly 300 Burr arch-trusses are still standing, with 175 located in Pennsylvania, more than in any other state.
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1980 Of 893 historic covered bridges remaining in the United States, 231 are in Pennsylvania and 6 in North Carolina. 1989 Surviving Covered Bridges in Northampton County near Bethlehem, Pennsylvania include:
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