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United Church of Chapel Hill
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The sanctuary of the United Church of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, had structural issues that caused the church leaders to make the decision to sell the property. The roof-framing system consisted of lightly framed, nail-connected, scissors trusses that, over time, had de ected horizontally, causing the top of the wood-framed east wall of the nave to translate toward the east ve and one half inches. The wood-framed wall was actually an interior wall that supported a choir loft located between it and the exterior brick masonry wall. Obviously, scissors trusses, in similar fashion to all scissors trusses and pitched roof trusses with raised bottom chords, tend to de ect in the horizontal direction. In this case,
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Specialty Contractors
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because the interior wood-framed wall was less stiff than the opposite brick masonry wall, all of the de ection occurred in the easterly direction. It was my understanding that the church leaders, rather than soliciting a condition assessment from an architect or structural engineer, responded to the building inspector, who was concerned that the de ection was an indication of great weakness in the superstructure that had to be repaired. The building inspector went so far as to say that the building was unsafe. Apparently, rather than obtaining second and third opinions, they decided to sell this fairly valuable property consisting of the church sanctuary, fellowship hall, parking lots, and educational and administrative spaces. Faced with unknown expenses associated with replacing of the roof system and reframing the choir wall, choir loft, and narthex, they felt justi ed in selling, at below market value, the property to a developer team consisting of several real estate investors. We became involved when the developer, upon the recommendation of a local architect, decided that we might be able to determine how to repair or replace the roof system. Our initial contact was a phone call from one of the investors. The following phone memo was in my in box:
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Just bought a historic church in Chapel Hill wants you to look @ the extent of the roof damage.
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We met several of the investors at the church. After a brief inspection, we discussed the ner points of horizontal de ection in scissors trusses and how the roof could be xed. I had no idea whether or not they understood a word I said. Almost two years had passed when they called again. By then, they had received their Zoning Compliance Permit and approval from the Historic District Commission and had selected an architect and contractor and construction work was underway. After measuring the trusses, we performed a plane frame analysis. The 29 scissors trusses that frame the roof were built with 2" 5 " chords and 1 " 8" collar ties. The pitch of the top chord was approximately 10 to 12 and the pitch of the bottom chord was approximately 7 to 12. The design span used for analysis was slightly less than 32 feet. The spacing between trusses averaged about 19 inches. We compared the calculated de ection against eld measurements and reviewed the capacity of the nailed connections against the calculated member forces. Surprisingly, the analysis indicated that the member sizes and connections were adequate. The actual horizontal de ection was compared to the long-term calculated de ection. The total load de ection in the horizontal direction at the right support was calculated to be 7.47 inches, assuming the left support hinged and the
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Conservation and the Specialty Contractor
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right support provided with a roller bearing in the x (horizontal) direction. Horizontal de ection due to dead load only was equal to 3.77 inches. This compared well to a measured de ection of 5.5 inches. When one considers that for a 30-foot span, the long-term dead load de ection of a timber structure is taken as 1.5 times the calculated dead load de ection. For trusses, the actual measured dead load de ection often exceeds the calculated de ection by a factor of three or four. With a small amount of resistance added to the roller in the horizontal direction, of 2 kips per inch, the total load horizontal de ection dropped to 0.41 inches. Obviously, the analysis indicated that the de ected shape of the roof truss was dependent on the boundary conditions, which in this case included support on a wood partition able to yield in the horizontal direction. The roof trusses were carefully modeled in the computer using section properties calculated for the actual dimensions of the truss components, and a modulus of elasticity of 1,600,000 psi. Lapped members were modeled as lapped members with a link connector to provide for continuity through the member intersection as well as rotation. Long-term de ection in timber scissors trusses is often magni ed for a number of reasons. As in all wood-framed trusses in attics, the reduction in moisture content over timber affects the members and the joints. Normal creep is magni ed if the roof structure was built from green timbers and high stresses were sustained over time due to dead loads only. Also, the types of connections have an effect on amount of de ection experienced. Shrinkage across the grain and the elongation of metal fasteners and the relaxation of wood bers all contribute to movement in roof trusses. At the same time, the developer indicated that he was planning to demolish the sloped oor of the sanctuary because he was renovating the church as of ce space to be used for research. He had obtained as a tenant, a private scienti c laboratory. They could only utilize the sanctuary as of ce space if the oor was not sloped. Again, we observed that the oor was simply framed and supported in the partial crawl space and basement on brick walls and piers. The oor joists of the sanctuary were 2" 9 " southern pine joists spaced approximately 18 inches on center. This oor area was approximately 30 feet by 43 feet in size, with half of the oor sloping down to a 15-inch step at the chancel platform. At the time of our rst visit we recommended that the developer obtain the services of one of two specialty contractors. We explained to the structural moving rm of Blake Moving Company of Greensboro, North Carolina, what we had in mind. The idea was to shore the roof trusses, separate them from their supports at the top of the wood partition, plumb up the partition and then reattach the trusses. We also explained what would be required to level the sloping
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