Conservation and the Specialty Contractor in .NET

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Conservation and the Specialty Contractor
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proper preservation philosophy requires that repairs to timberframe structures respect the work of the original framer. Through observation, measurement, testing, and analysis the structural engineer must select and design a repair that is appropriate to the task. It is often the structural engineer who makes the decision to repair or replace. Sometimes that decision is a response to the desires of the architect working in concert with the owner or a requirement of the contract, based on state or federal funds, or based on a particular grant, or the necessity to obtain tax credits for historic preservation. How the design is communicated to owner, architect, and general contractor often determines whether a project is successful. It is important to persuade stakeholders that craftpersons with speci c skills are required, as well as materials that may not be readily available. Suggestions for temporary shoring and bracing, must be transmitted to those doing the work when such bracing has structural implications. Speci c solutions involving traditional connections and materials must be thoroughly detailed and speci ed.
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Structural Investigation of Historic Buildings: A Case Study Guide to Preservation Technology for Buildings, Bridges, Towers, and Mills. David. C. Fischetti 2009 John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
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Conservation and the Specialty Contractor
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My preservation philosophy starts with structural safety and stability, with the realization that providing a structurally safe building may be independent of satisfying building code requirements. Second, repairs should be in the same fashion as the original construction as much as possible. If traditional methods will not provide adequate strength, then reinforcing may require other technologies in order to preserve the maximum amount of historic fabric. Timber structures should be rehabilitated as timber structures. Reinforcing and repairs should deal directly with the inadequacies in a way that would be easily understood by the original builder.
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We have caused various owners and general contractors to engage specialty contractors and conservation professionals to accomplish tasks that are not common in today s construction market. We have recommended manufacturers of handmade brick, restoration masons, timber framers, structural movers, stone masons, specialty lumber suppliers, glued laminated timber manufacturers, foundries, preservation architects, testing laboratories, surveyors, historians, wood scientists, grant writers, marine contractors, specialists in ground modi cation and the installation of mini or pipe pile foundations, and other conservation professionals. These days, many general contractors are uncomfortable with aspects of projects that involve jacking, shoring, or underpinning. Often, the only answer is to engage a specialty contractor to undertake this work. For many projects, we have provided quali cation-based speci cations causing the general contractor to obtain the services of such contractors. Certainly, the standard speci cations for shoring and bracing are applicable for projects involving patent scaffolding used in the typical applications. In these cases, engineers working for the scaffolding rms expect to receive from the engineer of record a tabulation of the loads to be supported by the patent scaffolding system. They are very uncomfortable when approached for a project that involves jacking as well as shoring, or the use of patent scaffolding in unusual ways, such as in a condition that will require the system to be braced to resist lateral loads. Although the engineer of record should not become responsible for means and methods at the construction site, enough information must be provided in the contract documents to describe the work in suf cient detail for it to be accomplished. We have received pressure from owners, who should know better, such as state departments of transportation, to provide shoring and bracing details in the structural drawings. In other cases, we decided to include suggested information regarding shoring and bracing in the plans, with a
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