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The analysis of existing structures, such as in the eld of historic preservation, requires that we have an appreciation for traditional methods of construction that may have been based on simpli ed engineering. It is only through testing, observation, and measurement that we can gather enough information to build an accurate model of the structure.
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Simpli ed Engineering
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Most historic structures are constructed of timber and masonry. Simpli ed engineering is justi ed in dealing with these materials when accurate design values cannot be ascertained. The absence of construction documentation and quality control in the manufacture and construction of the component elements requires that analysis be based, at least in part, on judgment. Of course this being the case, one s analysis can only be as good as one s judgment, as well as the initial assumptions that are made. A thorough testing program can narrow the range of applicable design values, but engineering judgment must still be applied. Many historic structures will often times not stand close engineering scrutiny, yet they survive, providing adequate service for many years.
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It is now time to pause for a moment and study how structural engineering will be practiced in the twenty- rst century. The engineers of record must be allowed some leeway to determine load criteria and methods of analysis, free from third-party interference. We should demand the freedom to simplify our work in order to satisfy our own requirements for structural safety while meeting increased client expectations of time, quality, and cost. If we are not careful, practicing structural engineers will become mere technicians designing structures with prepackaged software written by programmers, on the basis of methods and formulas developed by academics and prescribed by code of cials, in accordance with criteria set by architects who have little to no knowledge of structure whatsoever. Now, it is not enough just to do the design and bear the responsibility; we must also perform the analysis in a prescribed manner to the satisfaction of others, all the while assuring them of our continued professional development.
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