What is Simpli ed Engineering in .NET

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What is Simpli ed Engineering
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meets all of the requirements of the project. This can be a shortcut to a solution based on sound engineering judgment, resulting in the appropriate effort applied to various tasks. Simpli ed engineering becomes a critical issue when it is practiced as a response to unwieldy or dif cult computer software. To use most structural software, the designer requires a block of uninterrupted time. If this time is not available, the designer may abandon the software in favor of a less accurate hand calculation. In some cases simpli cation may actually yield more accurate nal results. For example, a plane frame analysis of a three-dimensional steeple structure may afford the engineer an opportunity to get the feel of the structure when compared to a three-dimensional analysis with its complicated coordinate system, which results in reams of pages of output. The cost of increased accuracy in engineering calculations is a decreased sense and understanding, or feel for the numbers particularly, the results. It is reasonable to expect that the design engineer will have a sense of an expected range of results prior to performing the calculations. The computer industry lags far behind in the production of ef cient userfriendly software for structural engineers. Although great advances have been made in the development of faster general plane frame analysis programs with more capacity, design programs for individual beam and column members are often unwieldy. For example, some Composite Steel Beam Design programs require two pages of printout for each beam analyzed. Traditionally, structural engineers have batched tasks, analyzing all columns at one time, or all similarly loaded beams together. One 8 11 sheet of printout should be suf cient to display the output for 12 to 24 beams or columns. Anton Tedesko pointed out in a recent issue of Civil Engineering magazine that computers have not diminished the value of back-of-an-envelope calculations. 6 Computer analyses are of great help when used in the proper context, when modeling of the structure is correct, when the actual boundary conditions are taken into account and the output is examined and interpreted by an experienced engineer. It is a misconception, however, that sophisticated computer analyses through greater accuracy will lead to better designs. The quality of a design is not a function of the exactness of the calculations, and it is not necessary to strive for great accuracy in a numerical analysis when the accuracy of the assumption is not known. Many of the calculations made today are not necessary. Sometimes calculations are produced because the analyst is fascinated with the program or is taken in by the sheer beauty of the analysis. At other times, someone wants to show how many pages of calculations have been produced; sometimes this is done to impress a client.
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Simpli ed Engineering
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A complicated analysis performed on a computer may not necessarily be an accurate model of the structure to be designed. The engineer must use judgment to decide what elements should be removed from the overall structure in order to simplify the problem. Computer analysis allows the designer to search for various solutions in a matter of seconds. Boundary conditions such as springs can be tried. The computer allows us to achieve a very reasonable model in a short period of time. Our best designs may still be simpli ed versions of parts of a structure with added opportunities to input nonprismatic sections and sophisticated boundary conditions. Antonio M. Garcia, P.E., described this state of affairs in an August 1993 issue of Civil Engineering magazine:
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With available structural design software, we can represent any structure on a screen, apply any load in any direction, and receive output on stresses at any or all nodes. We can also pictorially represent the de ected structure or, by use of color variations, picture the intensities of tensile and compressive stresses. In essence, much of what used to be intuition or feel based on experience has been replaced by highly sophisticated software and extremely fast hardware: Anyone with funds and little experience can achieve what once took years of training. The fallacy lies in believing that reams of output providing every bit of incredibly accurate information are enough to solve the problem. Experience cannot be purchased; it must be acquired. The fact that an answer is achieved does not necessarily mean that it is the right answer. No matter how sophisticated the computer, the engineer needs to understand the materials and construction methods used. The nished plans represent the designer s intentions, and they must be realistic.1
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The computer, used by an experienced designer, becomes a powerful tool. Carelessly used, it can result in a dangerous sense of well being and satisfaction in a design that may have serious shortcomings. As the computer reduces calculation time, it also reduces the time spent on a project, thereby reducing the time we spend thinking about the project with all of its intricacies and details. We thus lose the time spent sleeping on it that can give us a clearer picture of a project and its idiosyncrasies.
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