SQLite Databases in .NET

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SQLite Databases
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ne of the most powerful new tools introduced with the AIR API is the addition of local SQLite databases. Now you can store the data your application needs in a compact and quickly accessible format for later use, offline use, or transfer between computers. If you are building an application that is going to need its own file format or is going to use even a moderate amount of data, you probably want to use SQLite. This chapter provides you with a quick introduction to SQLite itself, and then helps you dive straight into using it. You don t have any configuration or setup to worry about, so all you really need to understand is a little bit of SQL, a few new classes, and a couple of new data types. By the end of this chapter, you should be able to print up new business cards to add DBA to the end of your title.
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Introducing SQLite Getting started with SQL Managing SQL databases
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Introducing SQLite
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SQLite is an open-source relational database. It was released publicly in 2000 and has garnered a large community of supporters and users. You can trust it. It really is the perfect database engine for a desktop application, and one that is incredibly easy to use. The stated goal of the SQLite development community is to make the database simple. This means that they have left some features of other database engines out in the cold; if you re an Oracle administrator, you may not be amused. For most of us though, this is fantastic with simplicity comes stability, so SQLite is an engine you can use and an engine you can depend on.
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Part III
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Another thing that makes SQLite easy to use is that it doesn t require configuration. Other engines can be a bit intimidating because there are a dozen administrative tasks required before you can start calling SQL on a new database. This sort of thing is especially frustrating for beginners, because when something doesn t work you have to question all the choices you made as the database administrator. With SQLite you just create the table and go. There is a wealth of information about SQLite at the project Web site (www.sqlite.org), and you will be able to find help with the SQL it recognizes as well. If you are new to all of this, you will most likely have much more to learn about the SQL language than you will about SQLite in particular.
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The anatomy of a database
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You probably have a reasonable idea of what a database is, but you may not be a seasoned database admin not yet anyway. A database consists of tables, and each table is a set of rows and columns. Essentially, a table is just an array of objects the columns are the variables of the objects, and the rows are the items in the array. If you wanted to catalog your socks in a database, then the Boolean that indicated whether or not they were clean would be a column in your table, those 70s-looking ones with the green stripes would be a row, and the value true to indicate that that pair is clean would be a cell. Each table needs to have a primary key. The primary key is a value that is distinct for each row, and is usually simply a counter. You may also choose a natural key as your primary key, which would be a value you were already going to include in the table and is by definition distinct. In SQLite, each database is a single file. By convention, databases are stored with the extension .db, but there are no actual restrictions on the extension. This means that if you would like to create your own custom file format, you can do so using an SQLite database if you want. Of course, you could save any file with a custom extension, but there are quite a few benefits to using a database extensibility and reliability are probably the top two.
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