ClipboardFormats in .NET

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ClipboardFormats defines String constants that represent the types of clipboard data formats stored in a Clipboard object.
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ClipboardTransferMode defines constants for the modes used as values of the transfer Mode parameter of the Clipboard.getData() method: cloneOnly, clonePreferred, originalOnly, and originalPreferred.
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Part III
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Dragging Out
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There are two types of drag-out actions that are available in the AIR API: dragging files into an external location such as an operating system folder or to another application, and dragging within the same AIR application window. Central to the operation of dragging a file out of AIR is the NativeDragManager.doDrag() method, which takes the formatted data meant for drag-out and initiates the process by accessing the operating system data-dragging functionality. This section discusses how data is stored and then transferred using the NativeDragManager. doDrag() method. We also walk you through dragging a screenshot of an AIR application and saving it as a JPEG to a folder on the user s filesystem.
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The Clipboard object is covered in depth in 9 and will not be covered in detail in this section. A simple example of storing bitmap data in a Clipboard object is, however, used to prepare for the drag-out operation.
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Preparing the data for drag-out
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Before you can drag data out, you must prepare the data and store it in a Clipboard object in one or more formats. Standard data formats can be translated automatically to native operating system clipboard formats, and application-defined objects can also be passed. If you have not read 9 yet, refer to it before attempting to drag out types of data that are not demonstrated in this section, such as text, URLs, and serialized data. In both the Dragging In, and Dragging Out sections, File objects are used to store references to files and folders on an operating system. The File object is used frequently when creating drag-in and drag-out functionality.
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See 8 for more details on how to work with files and folders in AIR.
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Creating a Clipboard object
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When data is dragged out of an AIR application, the originating AIR application has no control over how the data will be received and used; therefore, it is important to store the data in as many formats as possible to better the chance that it will be received successfully in its destination drop location. The clipboard can contain several formats of data. To drag an image from AIR to the filesystem, the ClipboardFormats.FILE_LIST_FORMAT format is used to store an array of File objects. In this example, the goal is to drag an image from AIR to the user s desktop; the first step is to create a temporary copy of the image on the filesystem for the operating system to copy onto the desktop using the File and FileStream classes.
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Dragging and Dropping
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Listing 10.1 demonstrates how to convert a snapshot of the application stage into bitmap for storage on the filesystem.
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LISTING 10.1 // create a BitmapData object to store the screenshot var bitmapData:BitmapData = new BitmapData(stage.stageWidth, image.stageHeight, false, 0xff0000); // take a snapshot of the stage and store it in the bmpData object bmpData.draw(stage);
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Now that the bitmapData object is ready, you re almost ready to create the Clipboard object that will be used to transfer the data. Given that the Clipboard object needs a file reference to pass to the operating system, you first need to temporarily save the image. To save the Bitmap object as a JPEG file, use the JPEGEncoder class to encode BitmapData as a ByteArray. Listing 10.2 converts BitmapData to a JPEG, creates the File object that will be stored in the Clipboard object, and then saves it to the application s temporary directory.
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LISTING 10.2 // use the JPEGEncoder to encode the bitmap into jpg format var bytes:ByteArray = new JPEGEncoder( 80 ).encode( bitmapData ); // create a File object pointing to where the image will be saved var file:File = File.createTempDirectory().resolvePath( screen.jpg ); // create, open, and then write the jpg using the FileStream var fileStream:FileStream = new FileStream(); file, FileMode.WRITE ); fileStream.writeBytes( bytes );
You can set a preview image to display when data is dragged from AIR by the operating system. You can even control the mouse x and y coordinate offset that displays. In this example, the sample application will appear as a preview image while dragging the image.