Clipboard Formats Recognized by AIR in .NET

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Clipboard Formats Recognized by AIR
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Clipboard Format Corresponding ActionScript Type Corresponding MIME Type Used in HTML Applications Description
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BitmapData Array of file objects String String String
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image/x-vnd.adobe.air. bitmap application/x-vnd.adobe. air.file-list text/html text/plain text/uri-list
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Image data A list of files HTML formatted text Plain text Link to a Web location
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Copying Data to the Clipboard
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The clipboard on every operating system is an ordered array of data. Each element in the array represents the same data and is associated with some type. The array is ordered by how useful each data type is, from the most useful to the least. In other words, the program that added the data to the clipboard orders the array to indicate which type or types it would prefer other programs to use.
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Using the Clipboard
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For example, if you add formatted text to the clipboard, you might put the HTML type first, in hopes that the program it was pasted into would preserve the formatting. Next, you might add the plain text type and add the same text without HTML tags. The format would be lost, but all the text would still be available. Finally, you could include a bitmap capture of the text so that it could be pasted into an image-editing program. This is important to remember, because not all programs will be looking for every data type in the clipboard. If you add formatted text as only the HTML type, many programs will not even recognize that it is there. Whenever possible, you should include a plain text representation or a bitmap representation of the data (depending on what sort of data it is), as these are the most commonly implemented data types. In ActionScript, you can access the operating system clipboard using the static variable generalClipboard found in flash.desktop.Clipboard. During a copy operation, you usually add data to the clipboard using generalClipboard.setData().
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Clipboard.setData(format:String, data:Object, serializable:Boolean)
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The format parameter will usually match one of the formats listed in Table 9.1. In HTML applications, you can use one of the mime types listed for this string, and in ActionScript you use one of the constants specified in flash.clipboard.ClipboardFormats. It is also possible to create a custom type of data, but you should remember that this will only be readable by an application that you create or by an application that recognizes your custom format. The data for each format should always match the type listed in Table 9.1 for that format. The serializable parameter defaults to true. Changing this parameter to false means that when this data is pasted back into the current AIR application, only a reference to the original object will be available, and not a copy. If the user tries to paste data into another AIR application, and serializable is false, she will not be able to obtain the reference. This means that setting serializable to false prevents the data from being used in other AIR applications. This parameter will not affect the behavior of paste operations outside of the AIR run time. When adding data to the clipboard, it is important to keep in mind how it will be used by other applications. For example, Listing 9.1 is a test operation that adds three types of data to the clipboard. Instead of making each data type represent the same piece of data, this test makes each piece of data different to show which type is being used by other applications. As with any copy operation, the first step in Listing 9.1 is to clear the data currently stored in the clipboard. Even if you are adding data to all the formats available to AIR, you should remember to clear the data because there may be additional formats already populated there.
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Part III
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Test copy operation for string types
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private function doCopy(event:Event) : void { var clipboard:Clipboard = Clipboard.generalClipboard; // Clear the clipboard clipboard.clear(); // Add a URL to the URL_FORMAT section of the clipboard var copyURL:String = ; clipboard.setData(ClipboardFormats.URL_FORMAT, copyURL); // Add formatted text to the HTML_FORMAT section var copyHtml:String = <font color= #FF0000 >Red</font> ; clipboard.setData(ClipboardFormats.HTML_FORMAT, copyHtml); // Add plain text to the TEXT_FORMAT section var copyText:String = Plain text. ; clipboard.setData(ClipboardFormats.TEXT_FORMAT, copyText); }
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For example, suppose the user has a text editor that uses a custom format for internal copy and paste operations, and one of those copy operations is populating the clipboard. If you do not clear the clipboard before you add text data and the user pastes into his text editor, the text editor may choose to read the custom formatted data instead of the data you added. Next, you start to add data to various formats in the clipboard. The setData operation is actually a push operation, which means that the order in which you add things is important. As previously mentioned, the order defines which format you prefer to have paste operations use. In the example given in Listing 9.1, paste operations should use the URL format first, the HTML format if they don t recognize the URL format, or, finally, the text format if they don t recognize either. How will other applications use this data Table 9.2 shows which of these data types is used by various common applications. It also illustrates how your copy operations are dependent on other software and how that software implements paste operations. That specific example shows that the URL format is not commonly recognized. It may still be valuable for operations within your own application or your own suite of applications though, and it causes no harm to put it in the clipboard when appropriate.
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