Using sandboxes in .NET

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Using sandboxes
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For most AIR applications, it should not be necessary to work with sandboxes other than the application sandbox. If an occasion arises where you find that another sandbox may be useful, you should carefully weigh the risks versus the rewards of that decision. For instance, suppose you have a suite of applications with different functions, but that share a great deal of code. It is possible to create a Runtime Shared Library (RSL) by making a Flex library project that includes AIR libraries. This RSL would be an SWC file that contains all the shared classes. This technique is beneficial for some Web applications, because the SWC file is only downloaded once, even if it is used by several applications on the same domain.
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Communicating with the Local Machine
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FIGURE 7.1 Publish settings in Flash CS3 with the network designation selected
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Those benefits are lost in an AIR application, though. First, you can t keep the file at a remote location, because the remote sandbox doesn t have access to the AIR API, and the file needs to be downloaded whenever it is cleared from the cache. Second, placing an RSL into one of the application directories means that it is in the application sandbox of only one of your applications, but in the local-with-filesystem sandbox for the other. Also, keeping that file in the local directory so that it can be shared between applications creates a dependency between the applications, where updating one application could potentially break the others. Perhaps the most important drawback of using an RSL in an AIR application is the memory cost. The compiler usually only includes parts of a framework that are used in the application, but the nature of an RSL requires that the entire framework be included because it is unknown what aspects of it will be used at run time.
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Part III
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This means that you will be using more system memory at run time than necessary, potentially much more. For a Web application that needs downloaded every time it is run, it may be preferable to use more system memory to save some of the download time. However, this equation is very different for a desktop application that is downloaded once and run often.
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Working with the Operating System
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While there is quite a bit to learn about desktop programming and the risks associated with it, there is also a lot of opportunity for new types of applications. For example, AIR provides Web developers a means to write programs that still work when the user isn t even connected to the Internet. The remainder of this chapter addresses some general features of the AIR API that are related to operating system communication.
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Monitoring the network
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Because AIR applications run on the desktop, they do not inherently require network access to run. However, the extent to which your application requires the Internet depends entirely on the needs of your application. Some applications, like a text editor, for example, may not need network access to function. But the success of Buzzword, Adobe s Web-based text editor, shows that even applications that were traditionally local have many uses for basic online functionality such as quick linking and sharing. Your application may have additional menu options based on the availability of the network, or it may have a completely different stage layout, or it may even go into a dormant state when the network is unavailable. However your application responds, most AIR applications are probably going to have some online behavior. It is possible in AIR to respond to general changes in network activity by watching for changes at the application level, as shown in Listing 7.1.
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Communicating with the Local Machine
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Watching for network changes at the application level
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NativeApplication.nativeApplication.addEventListener( Event.NETWORK_CHANGE, onNetworkChange); private function onNetworkChange(event:Event) : void { trace( network changed ); }
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This event will fire if the user s network connection drops or is restored, but will also recognize other changes to the network connection. If the user is connected to the network and this event fires, it does not necessarily mean that the user has been disconnected; if the user is not connected, this event does not always mean that the user has established a connection.
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