Communicating with the Local Machine in .NET

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Communicating with the Local Machine
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This may sound like an odd risk, but it is commonly exploited in cross-site scripting (XSS) and cross-site request forgery (CSRF) attacks. Vulnerabilities such as these have been used to get user information from sites like Gmail and PayPal, and illustrate the need for developers to carefully manage user input such as HTTP POST data and GET data. Wikipedia provides a comprehensive overview of these risks at
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Sandbox types
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Script files, whether they are SWF files, SWC files, HTML files, or JavaScript libraries, are placed in sandboxes based on their location. This section explains the five possible sandboxes: Application Remote Local with filesystem Local trusted Local with network
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Application sandbox
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When you add source files to your AIR installer, those files are added to the Application directory. All these files are trusted as part of the intended structure of the application, so they are automatically put in the application sandbox when the application starts. All files in the application sandbox have full access to the AIR API, and they can read and display content from the local computer or from remote locations. However, if you load in scripts from outside of the application directory, they are placed in a different sandbox. To determine what sandbox a script is running on, you can use the flash. system.Security object. For example, here s a method that returns the current sandbox type from ActionScript:
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import flash.system.Security; public function getSecuritySandbox() : String { return Security.sandboxType; }
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Remote sandbox
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If you load a script file from a remote host, then all scripts in that SWF are placed into the remote sandbox. An SWF in the remote sandbox has the exact same behavior as it would in the browser. This means it can access content from its own domain, as well as content from other domains if there is a proper crossdomain policy file on those other hosts to allow it. A Web-deployed SWF has no access to local content or to the AIR API, and neither does a script that has been placed into the remote sandbox.
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Part III
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Local with filesystem sandbox
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If your application loads a script file from a local folder outside of the application directory, then there are three possibilities for which sandbox it will be added to. Usually, the local-withfilesystem sandbox is used, meaning that the scripts can access the local filesystem but are strictly forbidden to access remote files.
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Local trusted sandbox
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If one of these scripts needs to access both remote content and local content, then it is also possible to set the file as trusted content. To make a file or folder trusted, create a FlashPlayerTrust file on the user s system. FlashPlayerTrust files are located at the following locations: Windows: C:\windows\system32\Macromed\Flash\FlashPlayerTrust\ OS X: /Library/Application Support/Macromedia/FlashPlayerTrust/ To trust the files in a particular directory, simply add a text file into one of these folders, where the content of the text file is the path to the directory you wish to make trusted. Files in directories that have been trusted in this way are added to the local-trusted sandbox, which means that they can access both remote content and local content.
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Local with network sandbox
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It is possible to publish an SWF file with a network designation, so that it can be run from a local location but can access remote content. This setting in Flash CS3 is shown in Figure 7.1. Flash content that has been published in this way is added to the local-with-network sandbox, and it is allowed to access network content. As a result, it is also strictly forbidden to access local content or to communicate with content that is located in the local-with-filesystem sandbox. This is the only sandbox that is specific to Flash content the others are all possible with any type of content.
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