The New Symbol window in .NET

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The New Symbol window
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You can add MovieClip, Button, and Graphic symbols to the stage using the New Symbol dialog window. You can access the New Symbol dialog in one of three ways. The first is by clicking the New Symbol icon on the bottom left of the Library. The second is by selecting New Symbol under the menu navigation s Insert category. The third, and most common, method is by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+F8 or +F8.
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Part II
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Programming for AIR Essentials
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Adding a folder
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When creating more complex applications that involve many assets, a lot of symbols can clutter up your Library. Organizing the Library using folders can be very useful for keeping things tidy. To create a Library folder, click the folder icon on the bottom of the Library. A folder appears in the Library. To place symbols into a folder, drag them into the folder. Library folders do not affect how a symbol is referenced; they serve only as means to organizing the Library.
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Adding a font or video
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You can store fonts in the Library, which is useful for working with an FLA file that uses custom fonts that may not be included on a given machine. To add a font to the Library, right-click in the Library and select New Font. A dialog box appears where you can select a font. Once this dialog box is complete, the font appears in the Library, and you can reference it using its linkage id. To add a video clip to the Library, use the same method of right-clicking in the Library, but select New Video.
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Adding audio
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To add audio files such as MP3- or WAV-formatted sound files to the Library, use the Import action. To import a file to the FLA, use the File Import command in the main menu. When selecting an audio file, you may import the audio directly to the stage, or to the Library. When Audio is added to the stage, it is also added to the Library. You can use audio on the Timeline; the audio is represented graphically in key frames and will play when the playhead reaches the containing key frame. You can also use audio through ActionScript by means of the Sound object.
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Using ActionScript in Flash
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ActionScript was originally designed for use with Flash as far back as Flash 4. Flash CS3 is still capable of publishing with ActionScript 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0. For development in AIR, however, ActionScript 3.0 is required since the AIR runtime uses the ActionScript Virtual Machine 2.0, which was built specifically for ActionScript 3.0. ActionScript provides Flash with the ability to dynamically create and manipulate the behavior of an AIR application built using Flash. The original 1.0 implementation of ActionScript involved either attaching script directly to the Timeline key frames or placing code in onClip events on specific symbols on the stage. ActionScript 3.0 is designed to be written in classes, however, and in most cases is easier to maintain, read, and write when separated into independent class files. This section discusses how to work with ActionScript classes and the Timeline but also touches on how ActionScript is attached to the Timeline for Timeline scripting. The overview of ActionScript 3.0, earlier in this chapter, covers the basics of using ActionScript classes; ActionScript itself will not be covered in this section. Here you ll see how ActionScript is used when creating AIR applications from Flash CS3; please refer to the ActionScript section for details on how to actually write ActionScript.
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Crash Course in AIR Programming
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Setting the document class
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A document class is the entry point class that represents the overall containing MovieClip of an AIR application. Entry points are found in most software platforms and represent the very first line of code that is executed. In some lower-level languages, the entry point is the very first operation performed when an application is executed, and is called the entry point because it s where an application enters operation. The Flash and AIR AVM (ActionScript Virtual Machine) executes many operations behind the scenes to prepare for an application to run. However, for Adobe AIR development in Flash, this document class s constructor method is considered the entry point, as no code for AIR is executed before this method executes. To set the document class in Flash, the Document Properties panel is used, as shown in Figure 4.3. If the document class does not reside in the same directory as the FLA file, the fully qualified path of the document class is required in the dot syntax form. If the document class resides in the folder path org/airbible/application/ relative to the FLA and the class name is Main, the fully qualified address would be org.airbible.application.Main.
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