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Part II
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Programming for AIR Essentials
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The DisplayObject class is the base class for any object that can be displayed. DisplayObject objects have properties related to their display such as x and y coordinates. The core display classes, AVM1Movie, Bitmap, InteractiveObject, MorphShape, Shape, StaticText, and Video, are direct subclasses of the DisplayObject class.
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DisplayObjectContainer is a subclass of the InteractiveObject class, which subclasses the DisplayObject class and is used to contain display objects. The DisplayObject Container class improves significantly on display object depth-management and the ability to easily iterate through a display object s display list. When an item is added to or removed from a DisplayObject container, each display child is kept in an index that can be iterated by using the DisplayObjectContainer s numChild property.
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When a display object is created, it is not automatically displayed and does not use resources for rendering. The addChild and removeChild methods add or remove a DisplayObject instance to or from the display list of a DisplayObjectContainer. The following example shows how to add a Sprite to the Stage class and then add a MovieClip to the Sprite s display list:
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var sprite:Sprite = new Sprite(); stage.addChild( sprite ); var movie:MovieClip = new MovieClip(); sprite.addChild( movie );
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You may notice that the display list instantiation and display are far more intuitive and follow the normal object instantiation. This is a major improvement over MovieClip instantiation in ActionScript 1.0 and 2.0, which relied on the attachEmptyMovieClip method and did not provide as simple of a method as in ActionScript 3.0 to instantiate a display object without displaying the object. This is important because a display object often must be configured or modified before it is displayed. Next the MovieClip and Sprite are removed from the display lists:
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sprite.removeChild( movie ); stage.removeChild( sprite );
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The removeChild method offers the ability to remove a display object and its children from the display list, and helps control which objects will use resources when being rendered. After an object is removed from the display list, it and its children will not be rendered.
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Crash Course in AIR Programming
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An Introduction to Flash
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Flash has been around for more than ten years and is the leading platform for developing rich experiences on the Internet that involve complex animation and customized visual interactions. Developing AIR applications in Flash is similar to developing Flash applications for the Web. You can use the Flash authoring tool, Flash CS3, to publish AIR applications using the extensions freely available at This section cannot possibly cover the wide range of topics involved in Flash CS3 development and design; rather it is a quick primer for those looking to get started in Flash and to understand how an AIR application would be developed from the Flash IDE (Integrated Development Environment). If you re looking for more information on designing and developing in Flash, Flash CS3 Bible by Robert Reinhardt and Snow Dowd (Wiley, 2007) offers in-depth coverage of all things Flash.
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The Timeline
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The Flash Timeline is a powerful tool for organizing and animating display objects. If you are not familiar with Flash, you might guess that the Timeline displays objects on a line across time, and you d be correct! The Timeline tool uses frames to represent the visual state of objects in time. The Timeline displays layers of frames that are reminiscent of strips of film. Each Timeline has a playhead that plays from left to right on the Timeline at the document s frame rate. You can set the frame rate in the Document Properties palette, or ActionScript can set them dynamically. ActionScript can control the playhead by targeting a specific frame or by playing or stopping the playhead. You can use the Timeline for a wide degree of purposes, ranging from frame-by-frame cartoon animation to managing the visual state of an application.
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MovieClip objects have been around for as long as Flash has been Flash. In the context of ActionScript 3.0, a MovieClip is a display object that is a subclass of InteractiveObject and includes support for the Timeline. Each MovieClip supports one Timeline and, like any other DisplayObjectContainer, can contain other display objects, including MovieClips. In Flash, you can edit a MovieClip using the Flash GUI and the Timeline. Each MovieClip in the IDE has a stage where you can place and manipulate objects. Objects on the stage have properties that you can edit, such as their positioning (x and y coordinates), scale, rotation, and depth.
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