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Programming for AIR Essentials
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The second element of a method is the level of access it is given and its scope. This chapter s earlier discussion about access modifiers goes into detail about what each ActionScript-supported access modifier means to your method. A major distinction between public methods and other methods is that public methods are available for other developers to see when they are using a class, and thus are uniquely important. The return type is the third major element of a method. It describes what a method returns to a caller. The return type is declared after the colon that is placed after a method s parentheses. If no return value is passed from the method, the keyword void is used as in the following example:
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// Boolean return type public function getData():Boolean // void return type Public function noReturnTypeMethod():void
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Often the sole purpose of a method is to return a value that a caller is requesting. The return type of a method can also offer valuable information about the success or failure of a method and can also allow for more streamlined code. For example, if a method returns a Boolean success value, the if statement shown in Listing 4.1 becomes succinct and easy to read.
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LISTING 4.1 public function getData():Boolean { if( !data ) { return false; } else { return true; } } public function initialize():void { // notice how the method call can be used as a Boolean value if( getData() ) { // launch application } else { // do not launch application } }
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Method arguments are the fourth major element of a method. Arguments, or parameters, are the values passed to a method and are listed inside the parentheses of a method. In ActionScript, each method argument needs a type, or a * symbol, which signals that it can accept any type. In Web Pages qr codes drawerwith .net
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ActionScript 3.0 it is now possible to assign parameters default values by assigning the values to the parameter as shown here:
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public function myMethod( arg:String, arg:Number = 1 ):void {}
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Last but certainly not least are the statements used inside a method s function enclosure. Each statement inside a function describes what a function does when it is called, which is what gives a method its functionality. Without the function statements, a method does nothing.
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Using inheritance
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Inheritance is an important object-oriented programming technique that allows an object to inherit or use the behaviors and properties of another object. It is very common to have a class that offers nearly all the functionality needed by another. The ability to reuse the functionality found in one object while slightly modifying it or adding to the original object is very powerful and is much faster than writing every class from scratch. Though the topic of object-oriented programming, specifically inheritance, is applicable to developing applications for Adobe AIR, this book does not cover a detailed discussion of object-oriented programming (OOP) and inheritance. Instead this section will quickly show you how to implement these concepts in ActionScript 3.0. If these concepts are unfamiliar, you should definitely check out further reading. Inheritance and composition (an alternative to inheritance) are both covered in more detail in the ActionScript 3.0 Bible by Roger Braunstein, Mims H. Wright, and Joshua J. Nobel (Wiley, 2007). When a class inherits a class, it s called a subclass of the class it inherits. The inherited class is called the superclass for the class that inherits it. ActionScript 3.0 allows only single inheritance, meaning a class can only subclass one class. Any given superclass may have subclasses that subclass its subclasses and so on, which is called an inheritance chain.
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