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The importance of design and usability Flex Builder 3 design tutorial
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Part IV
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Building an Application
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For you, this all amounts to quite a bit of work. It shouldn t be a source of despair though, because the difference you make with this work is the difference between an application and a great application. If your application is worth doing, it is worth doing well!
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The Importance of Design and Usability
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Whether you are building an application intended only for your own personal use, for the use of a specific company, or for the general public, design and usability are always important. Put simply, making an application nicer to look at or easier to use makes it more desirable. The purpose of any application is to perform some function in a way that was more difficult to do without that application. Essentially, the purpose of your application is to make it the most desirable means of completing that function. In that sense, the design and usability of your application are just as important as the function. Design and usability are very broad terms, which makes it difficult to visualize exactly what effect they have on your application. To better understand their value, try to imagine an application with no design and no usability. Without either, an application could still have a function. For example, suppose you are working for a numbskull manager who has insisted that you stop wasting your time on design and usability. Suppose that this manager has asked you to build an application whose function is to calculate the monthly payroll of your business. To minimize design and usability, you created a command-line application that takes as input a database of employees, a begin date, and an end date, and outputs the total amount of pay for those employees in that period. The database is expected to be an SQLite database, but you haven t invested a great deal of time in documenting the exact structure expected after all, that would be a bit too usable. The dates should be given in the number of seconds since midnight on January 1, 1970, but should fall exactly on midnight the morning of the starting day and midnight after the ending day. The output is returned, but not printed or stored in any way. In order to use this application at all, you need at least three additional applications: one to create and edit the database, one to calculate the dates, and one to store or display the output. As you (and your now very frustrated manager) can see, without design and usability, it is not likely that anyone would be willing to use such an application.
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The relationship between function, usability, and design
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Function, usability, and design are actually three integral parts of a complete application. In other words, any application that is insufficient in any of those three arenas is incomplete. This is somewhat subjective, of course, and again the cold reality is that no application will ever be absolutely complete.
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Polishing a Finished Application
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However, if you understand how and why these three aspects compose an ideal application, you will be able to visualize clearly what the ideal version of your application should be. The closer you are able to get your application to the ideal that you envision, the more likely it is that your application will be the most desirable means available to fulfill its functions. When you visualize the structure of your application, you should think of it as a pyramid constructed of these three components: function, usability, design. The first thing to notice about Figure 19.1 is the way in which each section blends into the next. Features with usability implications can often be seen as basic functions of an application, and many design elements are also aspects of usability.
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FIGURE 19.1 A complete application can be represented as a pyramid with the application s function supporting user experience and the design.
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