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Part IV
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Building an Application
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.info { color: fontFamily: fontSize: fontWeight: leading: } .debug { color: fontFamily: fontSize: fontWeight: leading: }
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Also worth mentioning in Listing 18.13 is the listener that monitors when the application window is resized. When the window is maximized, full screen mode is activated. This was another one of your functionality requirements: to allow easy access to full screen mode. By having the application running full screen in a separate monitor, you will be able to easily monitor logger output while stepping through the application. That concludes the initial development of the log reader application. Go ahead and publish a release version of the application and prepare to test out the API in the next section.
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The Main Application Class with All Components and Logic Added
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< xml version= 1.0 encoding= utf-8 > <core:UpdatableWindowedApplication xmlns= org.airbible.logReader.* xmlns:components= org.airbible.components.* xmlns:core= org.airbible.core.* xmlns:mx= layout= absolute horizontalScrollPolicy= off verticalScrollPolicy= off showFlexChrome= false showGripper= false showStatusBar= false showTitleBar= false creationComplete= creationComplete() >
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Sample Application: LogReader
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<mx:Style source= ../assets/css/defaults.css /> <mx:Script> <![CDATA[ import import import import import import import import
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flash.display.NativeWindowDisplayState; flash.display.StageDisplayState;;;;;; flash.text.StyleSheet;
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import; import org.airbible.components.consoleTextArea. ConsoleTextAreaComponent; import org.airbible.core.UpdatableWindowedApplication;
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private static const VERSION_URL:String = examples/log_reader/version.xml ;
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private static const CONSOLE_CSS_FILE:String = css/console.css ;
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private static const CONSOLE_OUTPUT_TEMPLATE:String = <span class= {level} >{message}</span>\n ;
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private static const CONSOLE_OUTPUT_MESSAGE_PATTERN:RegExp = /\ {message\}/;
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private static const CONSOLE_OUTPUT_LEVEL_PATTERN:RegExp = /\ {level\}/; protected var _log:String = ; protected var _filter:String = FilterLevel.ALL; protected var _connection:LocalConnection; public function get filterLevel():String {
Part IV
Building an Application
return _filter; } public function set filterLevel(value:String):void { _filter = value; refreshConsole(); } override public function maximize():void { stage.displayState = StageDisplayState.FULL_SCREEN_ INTERACTIVE; } public function clear():void { console.htmlText = ; _log = ; output( LogReader cleared. , FilterLevel.LOG); } public function output(message:String, level:String):void { if(_filter == FilterLevel.ALL || _filter == level) { var output:String = CONSOLE_OUTPUT_TEMPLATE;
output = output.replace(CONSOLE_OUTPUT_MESSAGE_PATTERN, message); output = output.replace(CONSOLE_OUTPUT_LEVEL_PATTERN, level); console.htmlText += output; _log += output; } } protected function refreshConsole():void { if(_filter == FilterLevel.ALL) { console.htmlText = _log; }
Sample Application: LogReader
else { var var var var tokens:Array = new Array(); tokensLength:int = 0; pattern1:RegExp = new RegExp( class= ); pattern2:RegExp = new RegExp( );
var filterPattern:RegExp = new RegExp(pattern1.source + _filter + pattern2.source); var consoleText:String = _log; tokens = consoleText.split( \n ); tokensLength = tokens.length; console.htmlText = ; for(var i:int = 0; i < tokensLength; i++) { var token:String = tokens[i]; if( != -1) console.htmlText += (token + \n ); } } } protected function creationCompleteHandler():void { versionURL = VERSION_URL; super.creationCompleteHandler(); _connection = new LocalConnection(); _connection.client = this; _connection.allowDomain( * ); _connection.connect(LogReader.LOCAL_CONNECTION_ NAME); var urlLoader:URLLoader = new URLLoader(); var urlRequest:URLRequest = new URLRequest(CONSOLE_CSS_FILE); urlLoader.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, styleSheetLoadCompleteHandler, false, 0, true); urlLoader.load(urlRequest);
addEventListener(FlexNativeWindowBoundsEvent.WINDOW_RESIZE, windowResizeHandler);
Part IV
Building an Application
addEventListener(KeyboardEvent.KEY_DOWN, keyDownHandler); } protected function windowResizeHandler(event:FlexNativeWi ndowBoundsEvent):void { if(nativeWindow.displayState == NativeWindowDisplayState.MAXIMIZED) maximize(); } protected function keyDownHandler(event:KeyboardEvent):vo id { switch(event.charCode) { // a case 97: { filterLevel = FilterLevel.ALL; break; } // c case 99: { clear(); break; } // d case 100: { filterLevel = FilterLevel.DEBUG; break; } // e case 101: { filterLevel = FilterLevel.ERROR; break; } // f case 102: {
Sample Application: LogReader
filterLevel = FilterLevel.FATAL; break; } // i case 105: { filterLevel = FilterLevel.INFO; break; } // w case 119: { filterLevel = FilterLevel.WARN; break; } } } protected function styleSheetLoadCompleteHandler(event:Ev ent):void { var css:String = String(URLLoader( data); var styleSheet:StyleSheet = new StyleSheet(); styleSheet.parseCSS(css);
console.setStyle( alpha , styleSheet.getStyle( console ).alpha); console.setStyle( backgroundAlpha , styleSheet.getStyle( console ). backgroundAlpha); console.setStyle( backgroundColor , styleSheet.getStyle( console ). backgroundColor); console.styleSheet = styleSheet; output( LogReader ready. , FilterLevel.LOG); } ]]> </mx:Script> <ConsoleTextArea id= console width= 100% height= 100%
Part IV
Building an Application
LISTING 18.13 />
borderThickness= 0
<components:UpdatePopUp id= updatePopUp visible= false /> </core:UpdatableWindowedApplication>
With the log reader application published and ready to go, it is now time to test out the API on its own, as well as integrate it with the Flex logger. Go ahead and fire up a new Flash, Flex, or AIR project, import the LogReader class, and create some test code, such as the code shown in Listing 18.14.