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Preventing spaghetti code Flex and Flash guidelines General coding guidelines
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Part IV
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Building an Application
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Preventing Spaghetti Code
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Early on in the history of programming, the term spaghetti code emerged as a popular description of code that was difficult to understand. If you look at a plate of spaghetti noodles, it is difficult to tell where one noodle ends and the next one starts (see Figure 16.1). In spaghetti code, the same is true, but instead of noodles you have data and tasks going in too many directions to sort out.
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FIGURE 16.1 Confusing code can be as messy as a plate of spaghetti.
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The term spaghetti code came about before most modern object-oriented languages, and the specifics of its meaning have changed over time. In fact, structured programming languages and object-oriented programming languages were created in response to the pitfalls recognized in older languages. Many of these older programming languages, such as BASIC, were often sequential programming languages. A Hello World application in BASIC might look like this:
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Application Design Best Practices
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This snippet will continue to print HELLO WORLD over and over until the execution is stopped, because line 20 will return execution to line 10 every time it is reached. Imagine creating a complex application in this style, with no methods or classes, and the flow controlled by the careful use of GOTO statements and conditional statements IF this GOTO there. It isn t difficult to see how this could lead to some seriously confusing code.
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How spaghetti has changed
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Experience with sequential programming contributed to the inspiration for more modern programming paradigms such as procedural programming and object-oriented programming. The ECMA specification, on which both JavaScript and ActionScript are based, has both procedural and object-oriented aspects. Although the languages and their characteristics have changed, the general principles have not. If there is a section of code that has a wide array of responsibilities, it is at risk of becoming bloated and chaotic. For example, imagine that you are writing a game, and decide early on to animate it using a method called moveSprites. Every 20 milliseconds, this method is called, and it loops through all the sprites in the game and moves them to the appropriate place. During early phases of development, this works perfectly well. However, as you move forward, you realize that there is a lot of responsibility encompassed by moving a sprite. For one thing, hit detection will have to be part of movement, and hits can result in changes in game flow, changes in game score, or physics calculations. Also, there are many types of sprites, including the playable characters, computer-controlled enemies, projectiles, or even moving map pieces. As these additional demands emerge, more and more logic finds its way into the moveSprites method. By the time you reach the end of development, the central method of your game has turned into 500 lines of spaghetti.
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Make ravioli instead
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Not long after spaghetti code was recognized as a dangerous end for a project, other software design pitfalls started gaining other pasta-themed labels as a matter of contrast. For example, lasagna code was identified as software with discrete but practically immovable layers. There were several other examples, each one tinged with at least one terrible programming experience. The ideal that arose from this running joke is usually referred to as ravioli code. Ravioli are bitesized bits of pasta, and each one holds its own delicious filling (see Figure 16.2). In software development terms, ravioli basically refers to object-oriented programming. This may be a useful way to visualize your objects they should be as bite-sized and self-contained as possible. But this raises the question: What is a bite of software code You could define a bite of food as the amount of food that a normal person can eat comfortably at one time. In the same way, an object should be large enough to perform a task capably, but should be small enough that a normal person can visualize the scope and responsibility of it comfortably you should be able to fit it in your head!
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