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The Mediator pattern and the Proxy pattern are not typically thought of as specific types of the Fa ade pattern, but this is a simple way of thinking of them. All three patterns share the role of sitting between classes to provide an interface, but each defines the relationship between those classes in slightly different ways.
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PureMVC strictly enforces loose coupling in this way, and a completed PureMVC application is very flexible and is prepared to absorb changes to the view or to the location of data gracefully. PureMVC is platform agnostic and is available for use in Flash, Flex, ColdFusion, C#, haXe, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, and Ruby. You can find more information about this framework at http://
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Leveraging existing libraries
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Libraries do not dictate the structure of your code, but rather provide a simple way of dealing with a complex system. Examples of popular libraries include the jQuery JavaScript framework, the Tweener animation library, and the Papervision 3D engine. Developers use these libraries to perform tasks that would otherwise consume a great deal of development time to perform. These libraries can also provide a consistent and reliable solution to work with objects that are not always consistent or reliable. These objects could include language elements that are difficult to
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Preparing to Build a Large-Scale Application
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work with or environmental factors outside of the language. For example, JavaScript libraries like jQuery provide a consistent interface to the Document Object Model (DOM), which is implemented in browsers. Access to the DOM is not always the same for each browser, so libraries like this are created so that developers won t have to constantly be concerned with how their scripts will work in various browsers. Also, the libraries are tested heavily across browsers and continuously improved upon by the community that supports them, which is why leveraging libraries has become an indispensable tool for JavaScript development. In many ways, you can think of AIR itself as a library of code designed to provide a simple interface for developers working with complex systems. For each operating system, there are different APIs for storing files, getting data from the clipboard, or finding information such as the user s screen dimensions. Developers will occasionally decide not to use an existing library because they feel that they could create a more efficient solution themselves. This is often realistic: Open-source libraries are often designed to fit a wide array of uses, while a specific application is likely to only need a subset of those uses. This means that there is code in the library that you don t need for your project; you could write a library to perform a similar task without the added overhead. For example, the Papervision 3D library contains a robust camera object, which allows developers to change the perspective on the scene they are viewing or to programmatically move through a scene. If you are creating an application that requires 3D, but does not need to have a dynamic camera, then it might be reasonable to expect that you could create a new 3D engine without a camera, and that your engine might be more efficient as a result. However, it is obviously not a small task to develop a 3D engine, so you would need to develop and test your new library. If you were to leverage an open-source library, you could generally depend on the code you use to be tested and relatively stable. Not only that, but it is possible that a change in your application could put increased demand on a particular library; if you are using an existing open-source library, the chances are much better that it will fulfill these additional needs. Essentially, the fact that open-source libraries tend to contain a great deal of functionality you don t need is a benefit, because that additional functionality will help you absorb changes that may arise. qr code implementationwith .net
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When you are preparing to build any application, you should expect for that application to grow in scale. Preparing for change involves a certain degree of guesswork about what those changes will be unless you ask the right questions during the planning stage: who, what, when, where, why, and how. Another way to prepare for change is to use established libraries and frameworks when building your application, because most have been designed to work in a variety of applications and have been tested by a community of developers.
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