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The mean energy of the second wave mode at time t is thus *   q + 2eb2 2 1 cos t o1 o2 2 4b2 e2 E2 t hjQ2 t j i o1 o2 2 4b2 e2 3:207 or in terms of the probability density P(b) of the random variable b E2 t
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jQ2 t j2 P b db:
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Let us rst assume that o1 o2 , then 1 E2 t 2
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1 cos 2bt P b db
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as t ! 1 and then E2 t ! 1. In the more general case o1 6 o2 , we take the 2 probability density as P b s 1 : 2 s2 p b 3:210
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The asymptotic energy distribution is easily calculated by means of a LT. lim hE2 t i 1 2es 2 2es jo2 o1 j 1 : 2 3:211
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The condition of effective energy transfer is thus jo2 o1 j 2es: 3:212
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It is found that the time required to reach the equilibrium energy distribution is of the order of magnitude of es 1 . The situation is the same as in the long wavelength approximation, that is:
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We have an important energy transfer in a medium with very small random uctuations, but this requires a very long time.
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Also, we note that in the long time behavior of a random medium, energy transfer is always an important process between waves whose frequencies are not very different (see condition (3.203) at long wavelengths, and condition (3.212) at short wavelengths).
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