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d = 1.0 km
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d = 1.5 km
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FIGURE 13.5. The results of measurements of time delay distribution for the range between both terminals: (a) d 1:0 km and (b) d 1:5 km.
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FIGURE 13.6. Comparison between measurements (continuous curves) and theoretical prediction (dashed curves) for time delay distributions for three position of vehicle antenna denoted by 1, 2 and 3, which correspond the antenna height of 2, 5 and 12 m, respectively.
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surrounding the moving vehicle are observed. The impulse (wideband) signal power distribution over the time delay is quasi-homogeneous and uni ed. A different picture is observed for the high BS antenna ($12 m) with respect to building roofs. In fact, as follows from the results of the normalized power spectrum distribution measurements in the time delay domain (presented in Figures 13.6a,b), for this case the shape of the spectrum has an obvious maximum
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that corresponds to the direct pulse arriving from the BS at the moving vehicle receiving antenna. Only a few arriving pulses as multipath components due to multiple re ection and scattering are distributed close to the initial pulse and their power is less than that of the main pulse. Here, three different positions of antennas, denoted by 1, 2, 3 near each curve, are presented. We also present by dashed curves in Figures 13.6a,b the results of calculations according to theoretical results for different situations of the experiment (denoted by 1 in 13.6a and 2, 3 in Fig. 13.6b, respectively). Again, as seen for the spectrum distribution in the azimuth domain, the theoretical predictions are in agreement with the experimental data. Signal Distribution in Doppler Domain. To verify the theoretical signal power spectrum distribution in the Doppler shift domain, a special experiment was carried at f 920 MHz using the same experimental site described in References [1,2]. This tested site contains mostly three- ve- oor buildings, which are homogeneously distributed around both terminal antennas. The range between mobile antenna and the xed BS antenna varied from 200 m to 2 km. The transmitter antenna was assembled at the top of the mobile vehicle at the height of 2 m; the receiver antenna was assembled on the roof of the building, the rst time at the height of 30 m, and then at the height of 3 m. The mobile vehicle speed varied from 10 km/h to 40 km/h. In Figure 13.7 the signal power spectrum distribution relative to that for j0 0 is presented for the mobile trajectory orientated to the radio path between antennas upon the angle j0 60 and for mobile speed of 32 km/h, from which v we get that fd l cos j0 % 15 Hz in the case where both antennas are below the rooftop. Figures 13.7a and 13.7b correspond to opposite directions of the same mobile vehicle along the experimental path. Both the spectra illustrated in Figure 13.7(a) and Figure 13.7(b) are the mirror transformation of each other. This is because of the opposite direction of the movement of the vehicle antenna. The same picture follows from an experiment when the receiver antenna was above the rooftop (z2 30 m) for opposite directions of movements of the vehicle antenna. It is shown in Figures 13.8(a) and (b). In this case the mobile vehicle path was oriented upon the angle j0 65 to the radio path between terminals. Again, asymmetry of the spectrum shape corresponds to the direction of the moving vehicle. Moreover, because of the existence of the LOS component of the total signal (BS antenna is higher than the building roof), the sharp component is clearly seen in the signal spectrum at the frequency, which corresponds to source movement in free space v fd0 l cos j0 % 7Hz. In both cases presented in Figures 13.7 and Figure 13.8, the power spectrum is limited by the maximum Doppler frequency, which is around 15 17 Hz. Comparisons between experimentally obtained signal spectrum distribution in the Doppler spread domain and the Doppler power spectrum distribution
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j0 = 600
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j0 = 600
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