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InitArrayOwner m_SingleCharOwner, 2, 0 End Sub 'Use of FastMid, gives the same output as 'Debug Print strWalkMe Dim strWalkMe As String Dim strMid As String Dim i As Long With New FastMid strMid = GetMidString(strWalkMe) For i = 1 To Len(strWalkMe) SetMidPosition i DebugPrint strMid; Next i DebugPrint End With Clearly, if you call FastMidSetMidPosition after the string you're examining or the MidString has been released or reallocated, the program crashes immediately However, FastMid can outlive the strings to which it points as long as there is no call to SetMidPosition FastMid works by treating a character in a string as an entry in an Integer array, enabling the character to be changed without using any of VB's string functions The second numeric-processing example uses Integer arrays attached to Strings to create a simple Tokenizer class This class takes a set of singlecharacter delimiters that are used to break a string into multiple fields The Tokenizer class supports three classes of delimiters: delimiters that are removed from the final set, characters that act as delimiters but which remain in the final set of fields, and characters that indicate that processing should end This Tokenizer class can be used to parse simple equations Recognition of quoted strings is built-in I'll show usage first, followed by the code listing for the class 'A snippet to tokenize a line of Basic code and strip all 'spaces Dim strFields() As String Dim iStoppedAt As Integer Dim iFields As Integer
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With New Tokenizer SetDelimiters " ", "^&:;*,/\-+=<>()", "'" For iFields = 0 To _ TokenizeLines(strLine, iStoppedAt, strFields) DebugPrint strFields(iFields) Next iFields If iStoppedAt Then _ DebugPrint Mid$ (strLine,iStoppedAt) End With
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'Tokenizer Class from Tokenizercls 'Requires: ArrayOwnerBas or ArrayOwnerIgnoreOnlyBas Private Type OwnedInteger Owner As ArrayOwner pSA() As Integer End Type 'The complete set of tokens Private m_Tokens As String 'An owned, integer array pointing to m_Tokens Private m_RefTokens As OwnedInteger 'The last end-of-line token: stop processing if tokens 'before this are hit Private m_LastEOLToken As Integer 'The last token that is a delimiter we should keep 'All tokens after this one are tossed out Private m_LastKeepToken As Integer 'An owned integer array pointing to the line being processed Private m_RefLine As OwnedInteger Private Const iDoubleQuote As Integer = 3 4 Public Sub SetDelimiters(TossDelimiters As String, _ KeepDelimiters As String, StopAt As String) m_LastEOLToken = Len(StopAt) m_LastKeepToken = m_LastEOLToken + Len(KeepDelimiters) m_Tokens = StopAt & KeepDelimiters & TossDelimiters With m_RefTokensOwnerSA pvData = StrPtr(m_Tokens) cElements = Len(m_Tokens) End With End Sub
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Public Function TokenizeLine(strLine As String, _ iStoppedAt As Integer, strReturn() As String) As Integer Const RedimIncrement = 20 'The grow size of the return array Dim iRetArrSize As Integer 'The current size of the return 'array Dim iPos As Integer 'The current position in strLine Dim iMaxLen As Integer 'Cache for hen (strLine) Dim iTestChar As Integer 'Character in the line being ' tested Dim iStartPos As Integer 'Starting position of current 'field Dim iFieldLength As Integer 'Length of current field Dim iToken As Integer Dim cTokens As Integer Dim fHaveNextToken As Boolean TokenizeLine = 0 iMaxLen = Len(strLine) 'Cache the length With m_RefLine With OwnerSA 'Plug the string into our SafeArray structure pvData = StrPtr(strLine) 'Go to +1 so trailing NULL terminator is in array cElements = iMaxLen + 1 End With iStoppedAt = 0 cTokens = Len(m_Tokens) 'The main processing loop Do While iPos < iMaxLen iStartPos = iPos 'Keep the current position iTestChar = pSA(iPos) 'See if we've hit any tokens If fHaveNextToken Then fHaveNextToken = False Else For iToken = 0 To cTokens - 1 If m_RefTokenspSA(iToken) = iTestChar Then STRINGS IN VB
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Exit For End If Next iToken End If If iToken = cTokens Then 'Not a token character: check for double'quote and next token If iTestChar = iDoubleQuote Then 'Consider quoted strings a single field Do iPos = iPos + 1 If iPos >= iMaxLen Then Erase strReturn ErrRaise 5 Else iTestChar = pSA(iPos) If iTestChar = iDoubleQuote Then 'Check for 2 double quotes 'Note that this won't look 'beyond the end of the array 'because the array length for 'the line includes the 'trailing NULL If pSA(iPos + 1) = _ iDoubleQuote Then iPos = iPos + 1 Else Exit Do End If End If End If Loop iPos = iPos + 1 iFieldLength = iPos - iStartPos Else 'Walk until the next token is hit Do iPos = iPos + 1 If iPos = iMaxLen Then Exit Do iTestChar = pSA(iPos) For iToken = 0 To cTokens - 1
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