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mozRank is similar to PageRank in what it measures and how it correlates with rankings so I usually make similar suggestions as I mentioned in the previous section. The advantages mozRank has over PageRank are that it is more precise, updated more frequently, and when compared to PageRank, it can be used to spot a Google-specific penalty.
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mozTrust is similar to mozRank, but it measures the trust of linking websites rather than the power of their linking profiles. This is also one of the major search engine ranking metrics and is useful for determining the presence of spam links. Spam links are indicated by low mozTrust and medium or high mozRank.
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The conclusion is exactly what it sounds like a conclusion to the report. It summarizes the findings in a few sentences and serves as a proper and enthusiastic segue between recommendations and the client s own implementation.
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Why Is This Section Necessary
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Professionalism demands that closure is included in every report. The most direct way to do this is to include a conclusion section to close out the report.
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What Are the Common Suggestions You Make in This Section
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In this section I reiterate the some of the major improvements that the clients can make to their website and remind them about some of their areas of strengths. Reading a report about all of the problems on a website can be difficult for the website s owner. It is important to both restate the same important suggestions and reassure them about their past work.
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In each report I include several addendums of more detailed information to help the clients understand their website.
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Why Is This Section Necessary
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This section is important for giving the clients clear action items and for showing them the data on which the report was based. It is not enough to simply provide analysis; it is necessary to give them the tools so they can do their own analysis.
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What Addendums Do You Usually Include
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I include the following four addendums in all of my reports: A list of pages that 404 on the given site. A list of pages that are unreachable (due to server errors) on the given site. A list of pages blocked by robots.txt but have links. A list of links that are nofollowed on the given site.
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After Completing the Report
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After you finish writing the report you will need to do some additional work to make sure you are able to provide the most value possible to the client.
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Formatting the Report
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When you finish the report it is important to deliver the final product in a suitable format. I recommend sending the client a hard copy (printed) as well as a PDF version of the report. The hard copy is for readability and professionalism and the PDF version is for distribution within the client s company and for searchability.
Provide the client with a PDF version of the report for easy distribution and searchability.
WARNING Never send a .doc file. You should always send the client a PDF or hard copy of the report rather than a Microsoft Word file. This is because a Word file usually includes meta data that you don t necessarily want to include with the client. (Most notably, this includes tracked changes.) This is not to hide anything but rather to be as professional as possible.
Final Client Meeting
After I submit a report to a client I spend at least an hour going over the completed report with all of the applicable stakeholders. This generally takes place over the phone, but I have done it in person a few times. This final meeting is for the clients benefit and allows them the opportunity to have all of their questions answered. It is not good enough to simply write the report; you need to also make sure that the client understands it and knows what actions to take and why.
No matter how clear your report is, they ll ask a ton of questions. But be glad, because questions mean they re engaged and are more likely to take your recommendations seriously.
This chapter went through a comprehensive SEO audit for an informational website. It covered the layout of the report and the reasons behind its
format. Y learned how to make the information from earlier in the book ou useful and actionable. The next chapter accomplishes similar tasks but is customized for an ecommerce website. I recommend using what you learned in this chapter and comparing it to the content in the next chapter. These reports are meant to be frameworks, and I have included two different kinds of reports so that you can pick and choose what you like about each of them and create something of your own.
9 Comprehensive Site Audit (ECommerce Website)