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The Diagnostics reports specialize in pointing out errors and suggestions for improvement, along with raw crawling data that helps you identify server issues.
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This section has content only if Google has detected your site has been infected with malware. If so, follow the instructions shown to clean your site and then inform Google to re-check it. Check this report once a week even if you are sure your site is clean.
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Crawl Errors
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The Crawl Errors report is one of the most helpful reports and one of the biggest reasons GWT is so helpful. For both web and mobile content, Google shows you errors of the following type: HTTP: Generally a 400 or 403 error. In sitemaps: Shows URLs of multiple error types that are listed in your XML file. Not followed: Shows links that Google chose not to follow, usually because of excessive redirects or endless looping. Restricted by robots.txt: Check this to double-check whether your robots file is working the way you want it to. Not found: Traditional 404 errors. Soft 404s: Page not found errors that don t give a true 404 HTTP header code. These pages can lead to a lot of junk clogging up the index.
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Timed out: Usually due to the server being too busy to respond to
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Googlebot s request. Unreachable: Usually due to a server error. Why is repairing these errors important First, your users might be seeing the same errors as Google is. Second, there is a lot of spare PageRank and authority swimming around out there. If Google can t read your page, it can t see the architecture you built.
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NOTE This applies especially to the Not found category. This report shows URLs on your site that other sites are actually linking to, but the 404 error is keeping your site from receiving credit for them. Repair the 404 errors (such as by redirecting the URL to an appropriate page on your site) and recoup that link.
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Crawl Stats
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This report shows three graphs:
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Pages crawled per day: The number of distinct URLs that Google
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crawls by day. Expect spikes when you introduce a lot of new content, accrue strong links to your site, and submit new XML sitemaps. If this graph bottoms out consistently, it s likely due to crawl obstacles or penalties. Kilobytes downloaded per day: Similar to pages crawled per day, this graph frequently looks very similar to the one above it. Spikes and valleys can occur, however, if the pages downloaded by Google are particularly large or small. Time spent downloading a page (in milliseconds): This report reflects page-load time, and small numbers are better. This graph should not, in theory, correspond to the two preceding graphs. Relatively large spikes can suggest server problems or abnormally large file sizes.
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HTML Suggestions
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This section highlights pages for which Google has detected potential issues with your site s meta content, including:
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Meta descriptions: Highlights duplicates and descriptions that are
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too long or short. Title tags: Highlights URLs for which titles are missing, duplicated, too long, too short, and uninformative. Non-indexable content: Highlights content that Google can t read or interpret correctly. It s worthwhile to look at this section with a critical eye toward your content. Google won t point out issues unless it feels they re giving users a poor experience, and its algorithm is all about enriching the user experience. It may be entirely appropriate on your site if five URLs share the same title, but this report nearly always highlights several areas to improve.
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The Labs section of webmaster reports is where Google tests reporting structures before it considers them ready for prime time. But that doesn t mean their data is unhelpful. In fact, some Labs reports are as helpful in diagnosing site problems as reports in the other areas of GWT. Following are the Labs reports and a brief description of each.
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