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Oh, trusty source code. Did you know you can use it for other reasons than stealing images and mp3s Whenever I come across a page that is not getting indexed, the first thing I do is view its source.
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Viewing a webpage s source enables you to see what the search engines see when they crawl the Internet.
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TIP I use Safari for surfing the Net (because for my uses it is faster), but as soon as I want to view source, I switch to Firefox. I do this because Firefox formats and colors source code so it is much easier to read. Specifically I find the added indentation of HTML tags useful for quickly navigating to the HTML <head> of the document. The <head> tag should be the first indented tag after the <html> tag, and in Firefox is colored purple if you keep the default settings. Once I have found the <head> of the document I look inside it at the meta tags (robots, description, and content-type) to see what settings the website has set for these options. You can read the best practices for these settings in 6.
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Figure 3-1 shows viewing the source of a webpage in Firefox. Notice how the code is automatically indented and colored to make it easier to read. Viewing source is a feature that is included in every major Internet browser that allows you to read the raw code returned by the requested website server when you view a website. This is important because this raw view is what the search engines see when they crawl the Internet. In
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general I use View Source when I want to: See how well a website s meta data is optimized Check for potential problems with webpage format Analyze global navigation
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Figure 3-1: Image of viewing source in Firefox
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Key Data Points When Viewing Source
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When you view a webpage s source, you want to look carefully at several key data points to get an idea of how the search engines see the given page. The key data points below are the most important meta data of a page that the engines care about. Meta description: If you really did read the The Beginner s Guide to Search Engine Optimization ( mentioned in 1, you already know what a meta description is and why it is important. If you didn t, the quick definition is that a meta description is the textual
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description of a webpage that webmasters can write that search engines will include in search results. Thus, this content is important because it acts as a free ad for the given website. In the source code meta descriptions are written as
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<meta name="description" content="Description Goes Here" />
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The best meta descriptions are enticing and are written about the specific subject of the given page. (For example, all of the information you would ever need on adult diapers.)
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Optimizing for People, Not Just Search Engines
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Remember that not all of your optimization should be aimed at search engine algorithms. In order to be successful, you need to optimize for the people that are going to read the search results that you optimize. Meta descriptions and title tags are your place to do that. Meta descriptions are practically easy to write for people because they are not used directly for ranking purposes by the engines. Instead they are used to entice people to click the given search result. They should be reviewed by a marketing person (like an SEO) and optimized for people rather than engines.
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TIP Meta descriptions are for people not necessarily for search engines. I have found the following textual additions very useful for increasing click-through rates in search engine results: Free Shipping Low Price Guarantee Reviews, Pictures, Samples Interviews Official Site When reviewing meta descriptions, I find it useful to pull up the search result in the search engines and compare the meta description to that of the competition. I ask myself if I would click the result compared to others, and if not, I figure out why not and use this information to improve the description.
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