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Inexpensive In Las Vegas Fun crowd
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Great parties
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Session content is generally not helpful for advanced SEOs Four days is a very long time for a conference in Las Vegas
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Bottom Line
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Pubcon is the most fun Internet marketing conference. What it lacks in useful sessions it makes up for tenfold in networking opportunities and extravagant after parties. It is the best conference for advanced SEOs because the environment of Las Vegas is particularly well suited for attracting expert SEOs and putting them in a mindset of being willing to divulge secrets. (This is a nice way of saying they drink too much and say things they normally wouldn t with competitors around.)
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SXSW Interactive
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SXSW, South by Southwest, is a three-part super conference that covers film, music, and interactive mediums. The interactive portion is five days long and covers websites, video games, and startup ideas. At the time of writing tickets ranged roughly from $400.00 to $550.00. It is located in Austin, Texas, and attracts a very large crowd (11,000) from many technical fields.
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Includes a broad perspective on the Internet (not focused on search) Lots of events to attend and speakers to hear
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Large number of people The section called Interactive which covers topics related to SEO is only one portion of the bigger conference so it is not the main focus
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Bottom Line
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SXSW Interactive is huge (with regards to attendance) but due to its lack of focus, is not a mainstream Internet marketing conference. In more recent years it has had more sessions on SEO-related themes and has had several big announcements that have affected SEO. (For example, Twitter was first introduced at this conference.) It is good for gaining a broad perspective for the Internet, but is not the best choice for someone who is looking for a conference dedicated to online search.
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Other Conferences
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Many other conferences take place all over the world and have a large variety of price points. They are great for meeting local people and local company contacts. If you are not around a major city, these conferences provide a great way to learn like the professionals. These are especially good for learning about specific niches that can help bolster your SEO skills. In these cases, they attract major players in small industries and allow participants to make contacts they normally wouldn t be able to make. My favorite niche conferences have been Y Combinator s Startup School (San Francisco), which centered around technology startups; SEOmoz Pro Training (London), which covered advanced SEO topics; and ROFLcon (New Y ork), which covered Internet culture. The reason I really enjoyed these conferences was they focused specifically on my interests and allowed for easy access to the speakers who were not burdened by enormous crowds.
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Cover niche industries and interests Relatively inexpensive Small groupings of like-minded people
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Don t necessarily attract large brands Locations can be inconvenient
Bottom Line
These conferences are inherently very hit or miss. They have the benefit of being very focused but are generally less convenient to attend and aren t always well organized. That said, they are essential for the niche enthusiasts.
What to Expect
SEO conferences are a whirlwind of information and people. They are exhausting and overwhelming, but useful and fun. The sessions are generally very redundant and their quality is unpredictable. Many attendees, including myself, listen through a lot of old information in hopes of hearing one of the gems that emerge at these events. These usually take the form of tips, tricks, or tools.
The People
The social dynamic at marketing conferences is confusing but extremely interesting. Because all of the attendees and speakers are marketers, a huge amount of personal marketing goes on. This has led to the creation of SEO celebrities . (I use that word lightly and with a bitter taste in my mouth.) These are the people who regularly speak at conferences and/or work for well-known companies. They are usually constantly surrounded by people asking for advice and many of them can be extremely egotistical. It is a tight-knit circle and a lot of crosspromotion takes place inside of it. In addition to these SEO celebrities, search engine representatives garner a lot of attention. They have direct knowledge of the inner workings of the engines and frequently say rehearsed lines that have been approved by their legal and marketing teams. They are great avenues for making real change in SERPs but are constantly surrounded by many people.
These niche celebrities are of course the minority. The vast majority of attendees are beginner SEOs who are simply looking to learn more about the industry so that they can do Internet marketing themselves.