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Conclusion: It is a good idea to write a conclusion after the test has
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completed. It is also the place to include any assumptions that were made and any conflicts that may have affected the results. Figure 13-2 shows an example of a completed search engine testing report. Notice all of the data points that are included and how easy it is to understand the format of the report.
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Figure 13-2: Example of a search engine testing report.
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The Importance of Sharing Knowledge
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It may seem counterintuitive to share your test results with SEOs who might end up competing with you. This is true in some cases but as it turns out there are far more keywords available to optimize than there are SEOs. This means that it is quite normal to share knowledge with fellow SEOs without ever directly competing with them. It also means that the advantages of sharing knowledge outweigh the disadvantages. Sharing data, test results, and ultimately, recommendations are very much like handing someone a key. The key was custom-crafted to fit a certain lock in a certain door. If a competing SEO firm is unwise enough to assume that this key will fit, as-is, in their client s door, then they risk looking foolish due to all the additional variables that exist with their client. The same complexity that challenges SEOs can often be an asset when it comes to publishing information.
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Building a Reputation
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Reputation is more important in the search marketing industry than any other industry I have worked in. It is still a young industry where word of mouth marketing is still the most effective way of getting a job. Everyone works on the same Internet, but the most successful SEOs (in terms of popularity and prestige) are not the ones who optimize the most pages; they are the ones who market themselves the best. Coincidentally, I have found that the most effective way to market myself in the SEO industry is by using the same trick that Google has used for years. The secret is to work hard and give your product or knowledge away for free. Google does this with services like Gmail, Y ouTube, and Google Search. SEOs do this in the form of blog posts and forum comments. Sharing information gleaned from hard work is, in my opinion, the best way to build a reputation and get clients in the search marketing industry.
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NOTE Google s policy of giving its main product away for free and thus attracting users and a strong reputation worked so well that the company didn t need to do any mainstream advertising until right before its IPO when it took out a full page ad in The New York Times.
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Holding Search Engines Accountable
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It took me a long time to realize that the major search engines make just as many mistakes as other companies. They are flawed and given their immense power, need to be held accountable for their actions and technology. By constantly testing the search engines, SEOs achieve this accountability. The search engineers that I have spoken to have discussed the difficulty of removing spam from their search results without accidentally removing useful websites. They are forced to make judgment calls about whether they have been successful but don t have the manpower to fully check their work. These judgment calls can lead to errors that can have massive financial impacts for online businesses. One example of this was when search engineers at Google discovered that URLs ending in .0 were almost always spam. They decided to remove all instances of pages that fit this criterion from their search results but failed to realize the impact it made on the blogosphere. Unbeknownst to Google, many people had written useful blog posts with titles that ended in .0 . This included many articles on Web 2.0. It also included a popular Web 2.0 awards website that happened to be run by my company. In this case, SEOs noticed the change relatively quickly and wrote blog posts condemning the problem. Google took notice of its mistake and updated its algorithm to reinclude these pages. Few people understand the relationship between SEOs and the major search engines. Many believe it is like that of a host-parasite relationship, with engines being the former and the SEOs being the latter. Instead, it is symbiotic where both parties are essential to one another s well being.
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Just like many long and tedious processes in life, testing the search engines is a commonsense tactic that many people don t do simply out of laziness or lack of time and resources. For the professional SEO who is competing for the world s most competitive phrases, this is not acceptable. Y will need to know the latest information in order to compete against ou others who are undoubtedly looking for a new way to outrank you.
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Many critics argue that because of the number of variables involved (some that we know about and others about which we can only speculate), drawing foolproof conclusions in a real-world test setting is impossible. Maybe they re right, and maybe they re not, but the outcomes of lab-setting testing are undoubtedly helpful in making decisions about real-world content, coding, and architecture. Luckily, with the steps outlined in this chapter, this is not a difficult task. Y can use this outline, plan and execute a test, and use your own ou knowledge to make real progress. This, after all, is the goal of SEO. Testing is not as glamorous as SEO parties or a private conversation with a search engineer, but it is absolutely as important. SEO is still a new industry and learning from trial and error is your best way to ensure successful rankings.
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