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Part I
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Understanding the Threats and Devices
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You can protect against PC and LAN connectivity by
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Putting policies and technical systems in place to ensure that data is controlled at all times Putting policies and technical systems in place to control the devices that can be connected to company-owned computer systems Ensuring that every computer system contains appropriate and up-todate antivirus and anti-malware solutions.
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Fundamental Changes in Security Strategy
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The recent change in how users employ mobile devices and technology requires a fundamental change in security strategy. The old way of thinking doesn t work any longer. In the beginning, enterprises put all of their time and effort into protecting their LAN from the outside. It made a lot of sense at the time: place as much protection as possible between yourself and the threat. In doing so, companies spent millions on firewalls, intrusion detection and intrusion prevention systems, antispam appliances, antivirus appliances, etc. They essentially built a fortress between the LAN and the Internet, and they did so for good reason. With the present change in how workers work and the technology that they use today, this old way of thinking simply doesn t apply to mobility. Certainly, the LAN still needs to be protected and that will not be denied. However, these LAN-based systems cannot be relied upon to protect mobile devices. This means that two fundamental shifts needs to take place:
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Enterprises need to change their strategies from protecting only their LAN to putting policies and systems in place to protect the mobile devices. Enterprises need to put into place policies and systems to protect and control their data, wherever it may reside.
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These shifts are quite simple to comprehend at a high level and they really make sense. If devices are mobile, you need to take action to protect them, as the LAN-based systems won t be able to do so. Also, controlling and protecting data seems like common sense. Though these changes are easy to state and easy to comprehend, many enterprises have yet to adopt and implement them. The reasons why these shifts haven t taken place include the following:
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Mobility presents unique challenges that many enterprises simply do not know how to address.
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Understanding the Threats
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Common perception is that it s cheaper to do nothing than to address the threats. While it may be easier, it certainly is no longer cheaper. Numerous studies are able to quantify the costs of inaction when it comes to security, and with companies losing millions to clean up the mess from security mishaps, it only verifies that the idea that easier is cheaper is a myth. In addition to the actual man-hours it takes to address a security breach, there are now significant soft costs. If a CEO of a company were asked what amount of money he would be willing to spend to remove his company s name from the press after sensitive data was made public due to a security mishap, it would likely be considerably more than the cost to implement the appropriate security policies and technologies to prevent the breach from having happened in the first place. Apathy. This one drives me nuts. Security personnel and executives understand the threat, realize it can be addressed, and do nothing. In my job, I see it all the time. Their apathy is due partly to personnel being too gun-shy to implement the systems, in fear that they won t work and they themselves will look bad. Not too long ago, the IT job market really was bad it was hard to get a good job, as many companies were forced to lay people off and there were more IT people than jobs. Those who had jobs wanted to do everything they could do keep them. Unfortunately, apathy and security don t work very well together. When somebody is afraid to do the very job for which they are being compensated, there can be very serious problems. Today the job market is good and security personnel can still be apathetic. This is out-and-out negligence.
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Throughout this book, there will be specific examples of technologies that can be put into place to address the threats. The fundamental shifts require a tactical change in security strategy. The fundamental shifts are critically important to understand, accept, and implement. The following sections cover the necessary changes in security strategy.
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