Exploiting PDAs in .NET

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Exploiting PDAs
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3. The Welcome screen then appears with steps to set up the device: a. Connect the power and hot sync cables. b. Fully charge the device. c. Tap Next and configure your device. d. Insert the CD to install Palm Desktop software on your computer. 4. Upon clicking Next, the user is taken to a screen to set their location and time. 5. The following screen states Configuration Completed. Your device is now configured and ready to use . The option to take a Quick Tour is presented. The device may be ready to use, but it s also ready to exploit. Not one single word was mentioned about entering a PIN or passcode. Likewise, the Quick Tour provides an idea of the important features and functionality of the LifeDrive, but no word on security measures. Some notable quotes from the Quick Tour are as follows: Quickly drag and drop thousands of files from your computer onto your device. Lock your device when it s off to prevent it from accidentally turning on. Lock your device when it s on to keep the current screen displayed and disable the buttons. Personalize your device with cool accessories and software like the Stylus Pen 3-Pack, Screen Protector, Bluetooth GPS Navigator, or a Leather Case. The user is told they can drag and drop thousands of files, that they can stop their device from accidentally turning on, and that they can buy more accessories. Not one single word about security! We ll cover it now. To set a Password for the LifeDrive, the user would go to Preferences/Security. The following are four input areas:
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Password Enter the password to protect the device. The user is prompted to enter numbers and letters. Quick Unlock Allows the user to use the navigator or tap the screen to create a combination to unlock the device. This will work only for the first three attempts. Autolock This feature will automatically lock the device: options are Never, When Power Is Off, At a Preset Time, and After a Preset Delay. The default is Never. Private Records Provides options to Show, Mask, or Hide.
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Clicking Options provides the user with additional security options. One of these is Intrusion Protection. (By default, it is disabled.) With this option a user
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Part III
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How PDAs Are Hacked, and How to Protect Them
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can specify the number of failed login attempts before the device will delete (wipe) one of the following: No Data, Private Records, or All Data. The Palm LifeDrive does have some good options when it comes to controlling access. Alphanumeric passwords can be selected, the device can be locked automatically, and data can be wiped when a set number of invalid password attempts have been entered. The problem isn t with the technology; the problem is that the user isn t told about the technology. That s why it is important for IT to educate users on this important step. 8, Protecting Your PC and LAN from PDAs, covers centrally managed solutions to control policies on PDAs.
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Pocket PC Security
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Now I ll do the same analysis as I did with the Palm LifeDrive on a new Dell Axim X51v. I will again be looking for areas where the end user is instructed to enter the all-important device password, as well as mention of other security features. The Pocket PC quick-start guide showed the following information:
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Instructions on charging the battery for 8 hours before using Installing ActiveSync Connecting the synch cable or cradle to the computer Finding information A diagram of what was included in the box A diagram of the device itself
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The Read This First documentation didn t mention any word about security or the importance of adding a device password. The following is what an end user experiences on initial startup with the Axim Pocket PC: 1. Instructions to tap the screen to set up the Windows Mobile based device and to align the screen by tapping a target. 2. A prompt to enter their location. 3. Instructions on how to single-tap and select an item, then tap and hold an item to see a menu. 4. Instructions on how to tap and hold, and cut and paste. 5. Information about using a password!
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