Figure 6.11: Firewall DoS settings using Airscanner in .NET

Encoder qrcode in .NET Figure 6.11: Firewall DoS settings using Airscanner
Figure 6.11: Firewall DoS settings using Airscanner
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Airscanner also comes with three predefined zones: Trust All, Cautious, and Trust No One. As with Trend s firewall, Airscanner makes it easy for mobile users to switch between different firewall settings. Airscanner allows for robust editing of the configured zones and allows the user to create custom zones. Figure 6.12 shows some of the detailed configuration options. Here s a good reason why it s important to be able to switch between zone settings: If you want to synch a Pocket PC with a PC via ActiveSync, you would want to allow UDP traffic over port 137. However, you wouldn t want
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Exploiting PDAs
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to have the port open when you were surfing the Internet at a coffee shop with your Pocket PC. The way to appease both circumstances is to just simply switch between zones, or predefined firewall rule sets. One set would allow UDP 137 so you could synch, and another would block it for when you were on the Internet.
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Figure 6.12: Airscanner firewallconfiguration options
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Intercepting PDA Communication
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The vulnerabilities to PDAs are the same as for every other type of computer device. If you take any type of computer to a Public Wi-Fi hotspot, your data is literally flying though the air and you may not realize exactly what you are exposing. This is a very serious problem that requires a detailed analysis of the threat.
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Surfing the Internet at Public Wi-Fi Hotspots
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The inclusion of Wi-Fi technology in Palm devices and Pocket PCs has been a tremendous convenience. Wi-Fi hotspots are pretty much everywhere, which means that access to the Internet is pretty much everywhere. To understand the exploits to utilizing Wi-Fi in a public Wi-Fi hotspot, it is important to understand what is actually happening. First, the data leaving the PDA is connecting to an access point at the hotspot. That access point is then connected to the Internet. Figure 6.13 is a diagram depicting this topology.
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Part III
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How PDAs Are Hacked, and How to Protect Them
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Mobile device connected to public Wi-Fi hotspot
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Wi-Fi hotspot access point
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Figure 6.13: Wi-Fi hotspot Internet access point
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One of the main problems with this scenario is that the data leaving the PDA isn t just going to the access point. It s also flying through the air and riding on the same network as the data of everyone else at the hotspot. Consequently, the data leaving the PDA can be sniffed, or seen by anybody else within range. This is a huge security issue for many different reasons. I m going to start with a simple analysis, then kick it up a notch. Say a user goes to their favorite coffee shop between meetings to grab a coffee and surf the Web. They start up their Pocket PC, then they launch Internet Explorer to surf the Web. As they are surfing the Web, their Pocket PC is receiving the data (HTML) that makes up the various web pages they are viewing. Internet Explorer then translates that data into the viewable web pages. The data being transmitted can easily be viewed by somebody with a sniffer program. This data includes the URL of each site that the user is visiting. There are numerous utilities available to sniff wireless data and I m going to cover a couple of them. The first utility is URLSnarf, which captures the URLs of the pages being viewed. Figure 6.14 shows the urlsnarf command being executed.
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Figure 6.14: URLSnarf sniffing web page URLs
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Exploiting PDAs
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A few things should be noted in Figure 6.14. First note the command syntax to launch the program. Also note how URLSnarf is showing that this user is visiting and There are two other interesting pieces of data. Notice the IP Address of That is the IP address of the Pocket PC accessing these web pages. Now look at the additional information being provided after the URL. You can see that URLSnarf is sensing that the device at is a Windows CE or PPC (Pocket PC) device. By using this very simple program, all of the following information has been gathered:
IP Address of the device surfing the Internet ( Type of device surfing the Internet (Windows CE or PPC) The URLs visited by that device (,
That is a considerable amount of information being viewed by a person that just happens to be in the area and decides to take a look at what is passed over the public Wi-Fi hotspot. Another interesting program is called Driftnet. This program is somewhat similar to URLSnarf, although Driftnet actually captures and displays image files as they are being sent to the PDA. Figure 6.15 shows the Driftnet command options and the Driftnet window that captured a few images from the user, who followed a link to go to